Friday, 18 September 2009

summer days.. Part Uno.

Hello again..
Golly what a slacker! Have you all had lovely summers? Ours was jam-packed with exciting new ventures and escapades..
No exotic holiday for me but lots of working ones, including a trip to Florence. Sometimes I love my job. Transformed into a renaissance lady with a divine long flowing wig of chesnut locks and velvet robes!
But I forgot my camera-can you believe it? Luckily a loan of one saved me before the battery ran out. I took these around the Ponte Vecchio and the Boboli Gardens.

The skies were breathtaking!

I want to pootle about in this car!

I have lots more pics but they are all being held hostage on my phone so may continue the Florence adventure when I can figure the darn thing out!


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anna and the ring said...

Eek! So jealous. Love, love, love florence!