Saturday, 19 September 2009

holidays from home..

So instead of going far across the sea.. we became daaaay-trippers(one way ticket yeah!)and had mini adventures in the camper.
One adventure was on a brilliantly bright Sunday a couple of weeks ago,when we filled the van with dogs and headed down the road into Kent,heading towards an ancient site,Kent's Stonehenge! Coldrum Longbarrow is a 3000 year old burial chamber,the timeworn stones perched high on the edge of a bank of hills with stunning views across the undulating fields as they stretch away down to the coast. It was one of those journeys where we thought we knew the way but got terribly lost, ambling through the country lanes. Well, that's half the fun of the journey isn't it?

Even the poochies were impressed with the views!

Honeybunch having a happy roll!

And then the excitement was too much for them and they crashed.

It's really a magical place, walking through farmer's fields to reach it and then you come out on top of the hill, to see the view all bathed in the gold sunshine.
There is a tree which is known as the wishing tree where people have tied ribbons and corn sheaves as they make their wish. It was so pretty all rippling in the breeze.

We have a slight obsession with standing stones and these ancient places. I can really recommend a book by druidic pop star from the 80's and 90's Julian Cope called The Modern Antiquarian. When we bought it, we thought we would use it as a guide book to travel the country.The website is great too,full of interesting descriptions and observations. I love this comment about Coldrum. Stones as RockStars!

'Like a rock 'n roll star, the chamber perches on top of the edge of a ridge, so that its stones look for all the world like some Freddie Mercury figure, arms aloft, allowing itself to bask in the glory of its adoring fans. Climb the steps to the left and rise up behind the 'stage' to see the pattern of placement of the kerbstones marking out the depth of the longbarrow. And look over the Freddie Mercury chamber and you see that the the rolling fields of Kent are the audience.'


anna and the ring said...

Yay for the wonderfulness of Kent!

nath said...

there you are! it's been ages! your summer looks and sounds nice.

Flora said...

Thanks Nath, finally made it back to this world! Have got so much on my vintage floral plate at the moment- it's just loopy!

nath said...

oh, well it's nice to have you back - i can identify with crazy vintage floral plate madness, i have some of my own.

welcome back dear..

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Anonymous said...

i like it, very nice photo

Flora said...

Hi Flora - been thinking of you lately and just wondering how (and where!) you are! Hope all is well for you and the shoe xxx

anna and the ring said...

So good to know you made it back from the wilds of Kent!

Amber said...

You ever returning Flora?