Friday, 18 September 2009

dahlia days..

I absolutely adore dahlias!
They are absolutely my flower of choice come the autumn months. Rainbow hued and perfectly formed,I can't get enough of them.
And to think they used to be sooo unfashionable! Piffff what do they know!

I have been filling my house with them the last couple of weeks..
Here are some pink and perky ones brought from Marylebone's farmers market.

Eagle eyed amongst you might recognize a certain gorgeous picture in that last shot. Taken by the lovliest peony of all and her prints are available through etsy,should you be overwhelmed with jealousy and think your life is empty without one(as you surely will!) I think I need another in my life too.

Then only yesterday whilst lost (again) on those pesky Kent lanes(I love it really)I spied a little stand by the road with a bucket full of rainbows. I limited myself to two bunches even though they were ridiculously cheap and took my bounty home!

I'm think these may be spider chrysanthemums, despite my dahlia love-fest. They look as if petal is perfectly snipped.

And these marigold yellow ones are fab with that deep dark velvet dahlia. I couldn't capture the opulent deep colour properly. In real life it is the most decadent blackish red.


the paris house said...

Oh you are a girl after my own I too adore the glorious Dahlia. They are stunning in the early fall here in the northeast as well!! I will be digging up my tubers/rhizones in late October, I winter them over in a cool dry spot in a bucket filled with peat moss and vermiculate and then I re plant them in early spring. Each year I get more and more for cutting. I love all the vases you have them arranged pretty :)
Have a lovely weekend

Flora May said...

Ah there you are...I did wonder where you'd been hiding - thought maybe you were trapped under a huge pile of vintage crockery.

Yes, I too have come round to Dahlias. Although I still prefer a zingy zinnia.

I am interested to see the above comments on digging up the tubers and overwintering - I had no idea I was supposed to be doing that with mine....right, another job to put on the list.

Margaret said...

They're so lovely! You have inspired me to fill my house with lots of flowers!

Flora said...

Hello girls!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments- I was fearing complete abandonment!

Bunny,thanks for that great advice.. I must plant some for next year- gardening tips always welcome!

Hello Flora, yes burial by teacups is actually no joking matter in our house at the moment!

Margaret-having flowers in the house makes one happy beyond most happiness. Do it!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

pretty pretties!

Thank you so much for the lovely mention and how very adorable to see the print in its new home. I might just have to repost that picture!

The domestic novice said...

I too have fallen in love with Dahlias. I blame Sarah Raven. They do whiff after being in the vase for a couple of days. I can't wait to have a garden that is sunny enough to grow them in.

Flora said...

Yay Peonies! So glad you saw this post!

Hello domestic novice thanks for stopping by, but who is Sarah Raven?
I hadn't noticed the whiff but when you go to through them out the stems are a right stink fest! peeuww...
I can't wait to grow some either,wonder when's the best time to plant... (nips off to investigate)

agirl said...

Oh yes. I definitely need more of these in my life!

Canvas art said...

That's just great, thanks a lot!

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