Thursday, 23 July 2009

remember me?

Oh poor neglected blog of my heart! How I have forsaken you..

But here I am, back from lots of adventures,frollicking around with the pals,giggling and dancing with The Shoe, oh we've had some high times, I can tell you. A spot of traveling and seeing some sights ,as well as shaking my fist at nasty net problems on my return that prevented me rejoining the blog world- boo and hiss! but I hope there are still some folk out there to flick through my ramblings and if not,never mind!

So our anniversary weekend was truly blissful. A surprise stay in a Bed and Breakfast called Thornham Hall surrounded by gorgeous parkland. View from our window.. with elegant peacocks and their not so elegant call sounding the alarm!

Even with the peacocks,the peace and quiet was an absolute tonic..sunshine poured in to the day and we wandered through walled gardens and woodland, it truly was like a secret garden. This little girl was peeking in as we arrived and then it was just us,the butterflies and the bees.

Magical woodlands,felt like we were walking through paintings.

Afterwards we headed towards Aldeburgh,the place where we had got married. Accompanying us as we drove along twisty roads was the music we had heard during our ceremony, Mozart,John Martyn, Elbow, Bernstein.. We both got quite emotional! Once there we ambled through the wedding gardens, holding hands and filled with memories and love,reliving the events of that magical day. We felt so blessed and brimming with happiness.

And on the drive back,we spied a stall on the roadside with little fluttering flags of colour- Suffolk sweetpeas! The Shoe knows me so well, I didn't even have to say anything, he had put the brakes on. I swept up all 5 bunches,leaving the money in the honesty box - it was perfect as we had planned the whole wedding around when sweetpeas would be flowering and lined the aisle with jamjars of the perfumed blooms. An anniversary present of my favourite flowers.

But the real special present was waiting for me in our hotel room. We had brought our gifts up with us to exchange on the day and I had a box waiting for me.. As dusk fell and the light changed to a lilacy pink and blue, I unwrapped the enormous amount of wrapping to reveal this-

I was thrilled and speechless and couldn't quite believe my eyes! Those in the know will recognize those cute little birds as the work of another blog wonderlady Flora. Her blog,Through the Round Window, about her stained glass creations is filled with interesting and pretty things.
The Shoe and her had been a-plotting presents.. I was full of questions - how did,where did.. what???? I am never sure if he reads my ramblings but apparently I had left the puter on with this post and he thought it was just the thing. We have a bit of a bird thing going on if you hadn't already realised from the poem we wrote to go in our invites,there were lots of birdie touches at the wedding. I was very impressed, he came up with the design for the two glass birds all by himself! We really must be well suited as we bought each other the exact same lovebirds card!
So thank you Flora for creating such a wonderful and special gift, we can't quite decide where to hang it but it will be somewhere we can see it every day.

Now I must remember to always leave the computer on when I post about other things I take a fancy to!!

(I do hope I can be back soon, virgin media permitting, but I am missing all my blog pals lots!)


Flora May said...

hooray, so pleased you're back...and so pleased you like the birds! It was a pleasure, joy and honour to make them for you! The Shoe is truly a top fellow of the tip-toppermost order *.^

Oh, and your hotel looks rather splendid indeed.

anna and the ring said...

Yay, yay! Oh the birds are so pretty!

I want to go away and play with my boy and peacocks! (Oh that sounds a little rude!)

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

You are right, it does feel like you are walking through paintings. your pictures captured incredible garden delights!!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Happy anniversary!

The birds are beautiful, what a wonderful boy you have.

Emmy said...

Yay! You're back. I missed your lovely posts. A year already, I remember all the planning as if it was yesterday! Which means that the Lovely husband and I are only a few short weeks away from our first anniversary (gosh, I must crack on and order his gift!).

h for hellebores said...

Good to have you back. Glad you had such a lovely anniversary weekend.

Flora May said...

Thanks everso for your very sweet card which I received today!

Likewise if you're ever planning a trip to the Dorset area, the kettle's on x

Flora said...

Thanks gals for you anniversary wishes and I shall pass on the compliments to T.S...

Emmy ain't it scary how quick it comes round?
glad card arrived Flora May, am desperados for a trip down to Dorset-as soon as we get our camper up and running we'll be there!!

Umatji said...

Aaah, I was wondering who the thoughtful half was! Glad you liked them - looks like you deserved the wonderful gift!

denise said...

What a wonderful adventure. The woodlands really do look magical. Lovely...

beth said...


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