Monday, 27 July 2009

Broadway Cupcakes..

Still having net nightmares so do bear with me in the sporadic posting.

This weekend's MEGA moment of pleasure was discovering this you tube Karaoke fun time, where I found loads of broadway numbers to chortle when really I should have been baking cupcakes for a pal's party.. I divided my time between weighing out flour and sugar,mixing up icing and then zipping over to the computer to find another show tune to belt out! Oh my goodness me, it was jazz hands - tastic!!
Finding my two favourite songs made my night- and I was singing up a storm..I'm sure it gave the cupcakes an extra zing!
So here they are.. some of my Broadway Cupcakes.

And here are the songs that helped them (and me) along the way. Go on- give it a go! You too can be as good as Babs.
Boo- I can only link to them; Don't Rain on My Parade(so my theme song) and this rip-roarer from Wicked. Even I was feeling sorry for the neighbours I was singing so loudly!

I also tried my hand at lavender cupcakes. I love lavender food so much, shortbread,meringues,lavender and orange cake. A friend even has a recipe for beef with lavender.

And they're so pretty too! Decorated with fresh buds from the garden

I bought the culinary lavender from a farm in Kent called Castle farm. I would love to take a trip there and wander through purple scented fields. But in the mean time the mail order can keep me in lavender supplies.

The recipe is from the Hummingbird cook book, a basic sponge cupcake recipe but the milk is infused over night with the dried lavender buds. It was delish!

The next day I snapped these pics of butterflies on the bunting that's still hanging in the garden,I can't bring myself to take it down after our anniversary party. And now I know the butterflies like sunning themselves there, it may have to stay a while.

Oh I feel another song coming on..
'lavender cupcakes and butterflies on bunting,these are a few of my favourite things'


Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

looks beautiful and delicious

Hannah said...

lovely lovely! anniversary party?! hat a cool idea! I want to hear more!

I also adore hummingbird. Im yet to make the lavendar cupcakes- but they are now on the top of my list!

Margaret said...

I love the flag streamer things. Thats what I want to do for my babies 1st birthday!

Those cupcakes look wonderful!

Flora said...

thank you- they even tasted good too!

I do hope you have a bunting babies birthday- that would be sweet.

anna and the ring said...

Mmmm lavender cupcakes are delish! I love making earl grey ones too.

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Oh I went to see Wicked in NY last week, I have loved the book forever but it was my first time seeing the musical and let me tell you I cried like a baby at the end, where they sing about being changed for good, I needed a boat to row home, loved it!

Laura said...

The cupcakes look delicious! Actually I can just imagine biting into one right now, but alas I am trying to fit back into my jeans. It is such a hard life!

colinatbloggomize said...

oh my they look sooo good!! chandeliers