Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Silver lining and English Journeys...

Well, I had a real 'D'oh' moment today as on leaving the house I picked up the keys to the camper instead of my house keys,only realising when I looked down in the same split second as the door closed behind me.

It probably won't suprise you to learn that this isn't the first time I've done this, the last time when I was all set to take the dogs for a walk, so was resplendant in scruffy mac and wellies. I made a right sight on the train into town with two shabby dogs and not a scrap of make up. It was only by a miracle I had a five pound note in my pocket to buy a ticket to collect the Shoe's set of keys.

So there I was this morning stamping feet and swearing like a trooper on the doorstep but this time more sensibly attired, a change of plans and I headed to meet my rescuer once again but not after giving him a royal telling off for leaving his keys in the wrong place(of course! It's never my fault!!) heigh ho.

But the good thing is that he works near one of my favourite streets in London - Marylebone High Street. It is lined with gorgeous drooly shops of posh and pretty stuff and some tip top charity shops too. So I was more than happy to have the excuse to wander back home along this lovely street.

And many nice things did I see...

In the best bookshop in London, Daunt Books, my eye was caught by this new collection of Penguin books entitled English Journeys. Each one has a delightful cover designed by Nathan Burton in pastel colours. You could almost hear birdsong and feel the summery days looking at them,transported through the years.

Pastoral books reprinted from the last century, telling of times that feel very far from our modern way of life. Books of poetry,gardens,country churches, aspects of country life and lore and one was the collection of English folk songs that Vaughn Williams collated at the beginning of the last century. How many would have been lost through the mists of time were it not for this book.

And the wonderful collection of poems by A E Housman 'The Shropshire lad'
with the poem of spring 'Loveliest of trees, the cherry now'

And I wished I'd brought this one home with me by the Grand Dame of gardening -
Gertrude Jekyll.

And what wouldn't you give to ride side saddle through England? Straight out of a Thomas Hardy novel!

Each book cost less than five pounds and a percentage goes to the Woodland Trust which plant trees and maintain forests. Available from here and you can see more of the illustrations here.


artemis said...

Such beautiful designs! I want them all!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Love beautiful endings!

Conversation Pieces said...

So pretty :)