Saturday, 20 June 2009

dress rehersals and chandeliers

One of the things I love the most about my pals is when they get me tickets to see dress rehersals for things that would usually be prohibitively pricey and intimidatingly posh! A couple of weeks I had an adventure down to Hampshire to a beautiful place called Grange Park where every summer you can watch Opera in the purpose built theatre.

The Grange is in the style of Greek Revival Temple built in the early 1800's, it is owned by English Heritage so you can wander around without the threat of loud singing during the rest of the year.
It looked so gorgeous with the Indian pavillions all ready to picnic in. The opera starts early evening and then there is a long interval in which everyone spreads out around the grounds and in the pavillions to sip pimms and bubbly and nibble sandwiches. I think people look forward to the picnic maybe even more than the opera,bringing laden hampers,tablecloths even little vases of flowers. Terribly civilized!

I so want me one of those! And the paths were lined with sweetpeas,so of course I was in heaven.

Once in the theatre,my friend and I were mesmerized by the magical chandeliers and all the fabby touches in the decoration. We spent the interval wandering around noticing the collections of bottles,books and trying to get a good look at the chandeliers..
Made from nylon material tied like petals,swavaroski crystals and beads and optic fibre which light up at the tip.

I am convinced you could make something similar at home.. Do you think? With enough material,it could look fab.
Designed by Sharon Marston have a look at her website for some other breathtaking light designs. Definitely show stoppers, I was more entranced by them than the opera.
I also loved the sweet Trompe L'oeil on the stairs.Glass cabinets filled with assorted goodies with a theme,observer books,bottles,soda syphons,and cow shaped milk jugs. And a windy staircase to nowhere.

We even fitted in a charity shop visit in the neighbouring village where I found 3 sweet childrens books with delicious covers and a copy of Wind in the Willows from the 50's for a bargainious £1.50. Bonus!

All in all we left the enchanted setting full of joy.

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colinatbloggomize said...

oh my those are some really inspiring chandeliers
. Looks like a work of art.!