Monday, 22 June 2009

'China in your hand..'

How much do you love that song? 80's power ballad a go go!

And it's what we were singing on Sunday as the Shoe and I had a most successful time,trying out a new boot fair. It's always a risk as you feel you might come a cropper and miss out on bargains at the old trusted place but I had a lovely time. I haven't indulged my sunday morning love for a while (been working too hard!) and yes I know it's more stuff but I couldn't resist.
There were 2 ladies selling off their amazing collections of ceramics and china,I could have bought it all. Although I had a scary premonition that it could be me in 20 years.. shiver..

Anyways here are me finds..

Lovely retro vase and cream and sugar pourers with yellow plastic lids - perfect for summer strawberries..

50's Wade flower pot holder

And on a separate stand,this little ballerina dish also by Wade. Cute!!

This is definitely going on the wall, think my favourite purchase. Fab colours and design with the pears!

Some more dishy dishes,flower power,man! An immaculate set of 6 from Meakin Studio. I love meakin muchly.

such a great pattern,turqoise and sea green.

2 of each of these stylish side plates again from the 50's.

And this birdy,twirly cake stand. I had to get the Shoe to ask for the price as I use him as my decoy to avoid the price getting bumped!!
So summery!

Will post pictures of a marvellous book I found for a bargainous 50p later.

We tottered around,trying not to clank the china and even picked up a beautiful mauve hydranga as we headed back to the car.
I love sundays!


nath said...

h yes, a very good haul! love the groovy vase and the 1950s plates! how brilliant, i wish it was Sunday again!

Emmy said...

You truly are the bootsale queen! How I wish this phenomena would take place in the Netherlands more than once a year...

Rosalie said...

Nice work! I love the meakin turquoise green, gorgeous!

trishiekoh said...

The sugar and cream pourer are SO cute!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Nice haul! The more I see of your bootsale bootie the more I want to see pictures of your house and how you display it all!