Friday, 26 June 2009

Book finds and Bluebirds

I had almost forgotten to post about the marvy books I found when I was a charity shop tourist on my posh opera trip.. (check out this blog devoted to charity shop tourism!)

But here they are, far too lovely to be passed over.
This book was always one of my favourites as a child. A collection of stories by Joan Aiken with silhouette illustrations by Jan Pienkowski even as a little girl I adored them and are still so captivating even now.
I've always longed to find a necklace of raindrops! Maybe one day..

The story starts with the North Wind getting caught in a tree

Another favourite was Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.. who was flattened by an enormous bulletin board falling on him during the night! There's a warning there! But it was brilliant how he folded himself up in an envelope when he went to visit his pen pal and just slipped under doors. Most useful.

And how adorable is this cover illustration by Janina Ede.. love so many things,the font,the colours and the background dandelion head design- very Angie Lewin.

But the bargain of the day was this Wind in the Willows so sweet- Mole,Ratty and Toad under the green weeping willow.

My latest car boot fair book find was this super cute Mary Poppins book. I love how dark the original stories are.. no spoonful of sugar here! And they are always trying to outvex the park keeper.

And as I mentioned here, an incredible collection of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales with illustrations by Jiri Trnka who might be Czech? They are so unique,I have never seen anything quite like them,such dynamic and vivid pictures,very distinctive. Some very beautiful,some cartoonish and hectic, others surreal. They capture the twisted and dark side to the fairy tales brilliantly.

This is from the Emperor's New Clothes

And The Real Princess (or princess and the pea)

I should post more of them really as they are quite stunning.

It's another one to add to my fairy tale collection.

Oh and one last find.. this great Bluebird toffee tin. I loves it cos it has birds and blossom on it! And it's huge too- fit lots of goodies in.


Flora May said...

oh what a schwoonfest!

i hardly know where to begin!

But the Jiri Trkna one's are a bit special aren't they...he (she?) is also an incredible animator - there's a dvd on Amazon that keeps winking at me...

Rosalie said...

I had a necklace of raindrops when I was young, that very version, with the beautiful illustrations. I loved it so much. I'm sure my mum still has it, I need to go through my old childhood book collection and see if she'll let me take them!

nath said...

well, be still my beating heart, those top three Puffins are wonderful.

And I have that Bluebird tin! Mine was used for licorice according to the label, no lid though, sadly.

anna and the ring said...

Oh Jan Pienkowski, he wrote my favourite children's stories, Meg and Mog!

Sometimes , I do wish I still had those books but alas a house fire sent them to heaven.

Maybe it is time to start a new collection.

Cathy said...

Thought I must visit your blog as you are another Flora. Have been to the other two...ha ha. I share your love of car boots and charity shops. What did we do before charity shops? Nearly all my books, DVD's, CD's and a lot of my clothes are from them. I never get to find gorgeous items like these very often though and I love those 50s and 60s retro china patterns. Great blog btw.

Flora said...

Well hello Cathy- thanks for stopping by! I know I would be bereft without a good rummage from time to time- that's my shoppng therapy!

And how sad Anna what a horrid thing to happen. But yes it does give you a very good excuse for a new collection!
Flora May I had never heard of Trkna before so thank you for pointing me in the Amazon direction- off to investigate. I can imagine the drawings come to life are so fantastical.

Becky said...

Loved all the Joan Aiken books as a child, especially those with Jan Pienkowski's gorgeous illustrations. Just discovered your blog, really liking it, it's cheering up a gloomy Tuesday at work!