Thursday, 11 June 2009

Antidote to the grouch..

Have been in a ratty mood all day.So for fear of getting all antsy pantsy here,I just thought what was needed was some pictures of cute puppies to put the 'aaahhh' back into 'ta-daaahh' so the show can go on.

These are the pups of a springer spaniel that belongs to one of my most favourite people in the world, I call him my Honorary Grandfather and I'm his SGD or surrogate grandaughter! It was this wonderful man that allowed us to put up our wedding marquee on his croquet lawn and when the party looked like it was going to carry on into the wee small hours I asked him if it was ok to carry on dancing, and he replied joyously 'Keep going forever!!'
His energetic dogs are a huge part of his life so we were desperate to go for a visit when we heard that a litter of pups had been born.

Here are pics at just 10 days old..

cute little tails!

And a couple of weeks ago we went back and they were at that adorable floppy stage and would fall asleep wherever they stopped.

If only they would stay at this size I would have filled my pockets!

Now that's much better, I hope they've made you smile a little too...

Will be away singing- 'And they call it puppy love'


Margaret said...

Those were such cute pictures!

anna said...

I'm more of a cat gal but these little beauties are soooooo cute!

Bye bye grumples!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

PUPPEEEEZ!!! I want puppies. Or eve just a friend with puppies (a friend with puppies and a croquet lawn would be even better!)

Eden Rose said...

gorgeous!!! Hope your feeling better now. I just tagged you on my blog, go have a little lookie. Thanks x

Meg said...

I have just tagged you too! :)

h for hellebores said...

So cute. It's a good job they are cute too otherwise you would never put up with them eating your favourite best shoes, weeing on your newly mopped floor and barking to get up and be fed at 5am.