Friday, 26 June 2009

Book finds and Bluebirds

I had almost forgotten to post about the marvy books I found when I was a charity shop tourist on my posh opera trip.. (check out this blog devoted to charity shop tourism!)

But here they are, far too lovely to be passed over.
This book was always one of my favourites as a child. A collection of stories by Joan Aiken with silhouette illustrations by Jan Pienkowski even as a little girl I adored them and are still so captivating even now.
I've always longed to find a necklace of raindrops! Maybe one day..

The story starts with the North Wind getting caught in a tree

Another favourite was Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.. who was flattened by an enormous bulletin board falling on him during the night! There's a warning there! But it was brilliant how he folded himself up in an envelope when he went to visit his pen pal and just slipped under doors. Most useful.

And how adorable is this cover illustration by Janina Ede.. love so many things,the font,the colours and the background dandelion head design- very Angie Lewin.

But the bargain of the day was this Wind in the Willows so sweet- Mole,Ratty and Toad under the green weeping willow.

My latest car boot fair book find was this super cute Mary Poppins book. I love how dark the original stories are.. no spoonful of sugar here! And they are always trying to outvex the park keeper.

And as I mentioned here, an incredible collection of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales with illustrations by Jiri Trnka who might be Czech? They are so unique,I have never seen anything quite like them,such dynamic and vivid pictures,very distinctive. Some very beautiful,some cartoonish and hectic, others surreal. They capture the twisted and dark side to the fairy tales brilliantly.

This is from the Emperor's New Clothes

And The Real Princess (or princess and the pea)

I should post more of them really as they are quite stunning.

It's another one to add to my fairy tale collection.

Oh and one last find.. this great Bluebird toffee tin. I loves it cos it has birds and blossom on it! And it's huge too- fit lots of goodies in.

'I beg your pardon..

... I never promised you a rose garden'
Does anyone else always sing that song in a really good country and western drawl? Why,yes Siree.

Anyway that wittering is just an excuse to post a couple of pics of the beeyootiful rose garden that is currently blooming in lovely Greenwich Park. It is a vertitable riot of colour and of course needed lots of sniffing.. my nose was worn out I can tell you!

They do have lots of David Austen roses too..

Must remember my next house must come with a rose garden....!

And if you really need to sing a long-

Monday, 22 June 2009

'China in your hand..'

How much do you love that song? 80's power ballad a go go!

And it's what we were singing on Sunday as the Shoe and I had a most successful time,trying out a new boot fair. It's always a risk as you feel you might come a cropper and miss out on bargains at the old trusted place but I had a lovely time. I haven't indulged my sunday morning love for a while (been working too hard!) and yes I know it's more stuff but I couldn't resist.
There were 2 ladies selling off their amazing collections of ceramics and china,I could have bought it all. Although I had a scary premonition that it could be me in 20 years.. shiver..

Anyways here are me finds..

Lovely retro vase and cream and sugar pourers with yellow plastic lids - perfect for summer strawberries..

50's Wade flower pot holder

And on a separate stand,this little ballerina dish also by Wade. Cute!!

This is definitely going on the wall, think my favourite purchase. Fab colours and design with the pears!

Some more dishy dishes,flower power,man! An immaculate set of 6 from Meakin Studio. I love meakin muchly.

such a great pattern,turqoise and sea green.

2 of each of these stylish side plates again from the 50's.

And this birdy,twirly cake stand. I had to get the Shoe to ask for the price as I use him as my decoy to avoid the price getting bumped!!
So summery!

Will post pictures of a marvellous book I found for a bargainous 50p later.

We tottered around,trying not to clank the china and even picked up a beautiful mauve hydranga as we headed back to the car.
I love sundays!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Little Bird..

Over on another lovely Flora's blog Through the Round Window, she is giving away this gorgeous stained glass birdie that she has designed and created. Pop over there for a chance to win!

And also admire her wonderful stained glass wisdom- I am always fascinated by her posts and love learning about the process of making stained glass designs and seeing work by other artists too. I am desperate to decorate all my windows now and flood my house with light and colour.Sigh...

dress rehersals and chandeliers

One of the things I love the most about my pals is when they get me tickets to see dress rehersals for things that would usually be prohibitively pricey and intimidatingly posh! A couple of weeks I had an adventure down to Hampshire to a beautiful place called Grange Park where every summer you can watch Opera in the purpose built theatre.

The Grange is in the style of Greek Revival Temple built in the early 1800's, it is owned by English Heritage so you can wander around without the threat of loud singing during the rest of the year.
It looked so gorgeous with the Indian pavillions all ready to picnic in. The opera starts early evening and then there is a long interval in which everyone spreads out around the grounds and in the pavillions to sip pimms and bubbly and nibble sandwiches. I think people look forward to the picnic maybe even more than the opera,bringing laden hampers,tablecloths even little vases of flowers. Terribly civilized!

I so want me one of those! And the paths were lined with sweetpeas,so of course I was in heaven.

Once in the theatre,my friend and I were mesmerized by the magical chandeliers and all the fabby touches in the decoration. We spent the interval wandering around noticing the collections of bottles,books and trying to get a good look at the chandeliers..
Made from nylon material tied like petals,swavaroski crystals and beads and optic fibre which light up at the tip.

I am convinced you could make something similar at home.. Do you think? With enough material,it could look fab.
Designed by Sharon Marston have a look at her website for some other breathtaking light designs. Definitely show stoppers, I was more entranced by them than the opera.
I also loved the sweet Trompe L'oeil on the stairs.Glass cabinets filled with assorted goodies with a theme,observer books,bottles,soda syphons,and cow shaped milk jugs. And a windy staircase to nowhere.

We even fitted in a charity shop visit in the neighbouring village where I found 3 sweet childrens books with delicious covers and a copy of Wind in the Willows from the 50's for a bargainious £1.50. Bonus!

All in all we left the enchanted setting full of joy.