Thursday, 14 May 2009

Spoilt little sick girl..

Well after all the excitement over the weekend, of course it was payback time. What I thought was hayfever turned in to a sneeze too far and soon I was a revolting, snivelling mess and felt very sorry for myself. With all the fear of piggie flu( I really can't bring myself to write the 's' word here, and besides if you had a choice between that and bird flu, wouldn't you rather have the latter? Sounds so much nicer.) I actually had people shuffling away from me in the theatre on monday night which was very funny,ok, it is now I'm feeling tippity top again.
But I was so spoilt,Tuesday the most beautiful bouquet of mauve delphiniums and very strongly scented paperwhites arrived from my love. He hasn't sent me flowers for ages, it was one of the means he used to woo me in the early days and then yesterday the naughty Blonde Bombshell sent me a wee basket filled with goodies,jams and biscuits and a lovely geranium. Definitely worth being ill for.


anna and the ring said...

Such pretty flowers!

Flora said...

Aren't they? Beautiful purples,pinks and white.

anna and the ring said...

So pretty. At last pretty flowers that I may be able to buy! - do you know where they are from?