Monday, 25 May 2009

The Show gardens

There are three types of gardens at Chelsea Flower Show. The show gardens,urban gardens and the courtyard gardens. The Show gardens are the largest and had the widest range of styles from the most modern,structured and dramatic to romantic cottage style.

These were my favourites:

The Wetland garden that was inspired by the bogs of East Anglia, with undulating wood sculpture and a shimmery mermaid(that's what I decided she was!) and lots of swampy type plants.

The Future Nature garden. A garden for a city, so inventive, it's aim was conserving water, surviving drought or floods, providing habitat for wildlife and planting that looked after itself.

It had storm water basins, wild flower meadow,butterfly mounds and the vertical garden tower which somehow absorbed the water from below.

The other side was full of recycled material like egg boxes,broken pots,newspaper,twigs to insects and birds to live in or make nests with.
Clever huh? A hotel for wildlife.

I think this was my favourite, a real oasis beneath maple trees and foxgloves towering high. There were quotes from Keats and Tennyson carved into the wall. Somewhere you could sit and ponder the hours away.

The Tennyson quote was from 'The Oak'
' Live thy life,Young and old,Like yon oak,Bright in Spring, Living gold.'

This garden was called The Key and was ceated by The Eden Project with the help of homeless projects and prisoners. It was amazing- loads going on,all in a rustic shades of rust,bronze and green. Everywhere you looked there were vegetables mixed in with flowers, the keyhole arch was covered with courgette plants.

And the paths were scattered with keys!

With a vegetable garden worthy of Beatrix Potter illustration, where was Peter Rabbit though?
The wall of tomato plants was a fab idea.

Another garden were water was a central theme. Here it showed how important gardens were to prevent flooding. Water poured down the roof and was collected in a channel that ran through local Yorkshire stone.

The colours were glorious with very naturalistic planting,foxgloves,ferns,flax, cowslips. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in that cottage.

This was the garden that won best in show.
The spectrum of silvers and purple was beautiful.

And I adore these inky purpley black irises.

This was called 'echoes of Japan in an English garden'. Although the Shoe overheard someone say it was like a village pond filled with rubbish! Charming..
It glimmered with glass sculptures

You can see more of the show gardens here.

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