Saturday, 30 May 2009

Queen of white..

After all that colour of the last few posts, I have a longing for pale soothing white.
And the queen of white is stylist, Atlanta Bartlett. The brilliant Decor8 who can do no wrong showed me the light( or should I say white)with this post and I have been hypnotised for the last few hours.

and...breathe...and ...relax....

Wonderful cake stand usage here.. great idea for wedding tables or dinner tables or windows.

She also runs a location company called Beach Studios. This house has me and the shoe all of a tizz as it's similar to our Victorian terraced mansion,the style covers huge swathes of South London.

And this hallway is so elegant with the wood panelling doors.

There are books too for more inspiration.

How could you be anything but serene and calm living here?

My own little study is a work of white in progress,bits still need doing.
It is a wonderful room of peace as it looks out over the park. It was the room that most needed a transformation when we moved in and now it's perfect for watching the world outside your window-which is mainly birds and dog walkers!

We painted it in Farrow and Ball only because it was a small room! I think it was called twine. I do love their colours and the names are fabulous- things like mouse's breath or elephant's back, ok, maybe I made those up but they're very similar!
Looking at this last picture- I think I would quite like a paint called Honeybunch's Ear...!


Emmy said...

Flora! I am sitting here with my jaw on the floor. That study, and you own it, and you created it?! I think I may just spontaneously combust from jealousy. We are about to bring the packing boxes down from the attic to start preparations for the move to Number Seventy Five but I may change my mind and come and live in your study. Gosh, I am so envious. Just beautiful.

Flora said...

Haha! Thank you Emmy. You're welcome to move in anytime! Quite simple really just slap white paint everywhere including the furniture!
Good luck with your move- hope it will be less stressful than we moved into our house only to find the other people hadn't moved out!!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Your house and your lil' doggy are gorgeous!

artemis said...

What a stunning room! very well done, I wish one day I could have a lovely empty light wooden room like that...and the dog too!

agirl said...

Oh I dream of one day being surrounded by white. So restful.

And I too love your study. Made all the better for having a ridiculously cute pup in it :)