Wednesday, 13 May 2009

pals make me happy

I had a one of the best weekend with my pals. The blonde bombshell came down from oop north and bringing with her sunshine,laughter and a lilac tree for our garden. We met up with the rest of our gang and had one of the funniest nights ever. I can't give you too much information but what I thought was an innocent Neighbourhood watch meeting turned into THIS

And then

And so we played and drank and covered ourselves with inky dabs...

It was brilliant.. although it was bingo calling to make your ears turn blue, no clickety click sixty six here.Frenchie even won something,honestly my sides were sore from laughing. But I hope the men won't come for me in the middle of the night now- for betraying it's deadly secret. Tell no-one you read it here.

The next day was spent recovering, eating delicious barbeque food,the first of the season. Gosh I hope it will be a good summer,we need it after the last two saturated years. The first pimms of the summer also, and the most delicious Baklava sweet and nutty in the sunshine. Hey- that could be us!
It reminded me how I have neglected the adventurous excited times.. much as I love hanging out with the Shoe sometimes it is easy to get complacent and lazy..And then these weekends come round and it invigorates you for new adventures.
As we sat stroking dogs in the sun, life felt top. The Tiny One came round in the evening and we headed off for a spot of bowling and to say farewell to a favourite pal of the Shoe's. I think I was tired and emotional as we said goodbye but I couldn't stop myself shedding some tears. I hate goodbyes and he is such a part of our London life, but on he goes to adventures overseas. And back we went to our home in our trusty camper van and bed as it was up at sparrow's fart for some bootsaling. Is there no greater pleasure than booting with pals? We were all very generous and didn't have to wrestle anyone to the ground over a teacup. In fact the opposite,we each saw things that the other would like. Three pairs of eyes are better than one!

All in all it was a wondrous few days.. Elderflower juleps, tea and toast, singing show songs , bowling shoes and picnics in the park.If only every weekend was like this.


Flora said...

Oh you've made me miss London for the first time in about 5 years! That sounds like such a top weekend!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Beautiful London!
Lovely blog.

Flora said...

Thank you Slices of Beauty!

Sorry Flora! Didn't mean to incur London blues! weekends like that don't come around too often otherwise I wouldn't survive the week but it was definitely top.