Friday, 15 May 2009

The other dress..

I admit it. I was one of those girls that bought 2 wedding dresses. I didn't intend to.I just panicked.
It was just that I found the whole wedding dress buying really quite stressful. Not so much the dressing up bit and trying on pretty dresses,that was fun. Although it did feel like a cross between tripping round in my mum's shoes and nightie, and a costume drama with helpful ladies bringing you dresses , tying your corset strings while you squished your boobs down.
And then came the flouncing around. I soon realised that dresses that were dreamy on the hanger made me look well, less than dreamy. The fact was that I am 'blessed' with the pale celtic skin that in Victorian times would have been described as alabaster or porcelain, so typical wedding dresses made me look like I was either naked or freshly exhumed when on.
But the stressful part for me was finding something that made me feel like me,not a princess or even a bride(!) but just like the most lovliest version of me. I tried to find vintage dresses but also knew that everyone would be expecting me to turn up in a swishy petticoat fifties number so always a bit contrary I decided to suprise them. I had in mind a very romantic,almost ethereal dress that would be suitable for our bohemian garden wedding.
So after a couple of stressful days,I put it off for as long as possible after some depressing first trips, my mamma and I ended up in a shop that was selling off most of it's stock as it was closing down. I described my wedding and they brought out a couple of dresses including one, a Rosa Clara lace dress in a gorgeous creamy colour.It was beautiful.. it matched the criteria perfectly and my mum loved it.I imagined having a sky blue sash around the waist and loved the delicate lace that fell across my shoulders.As it was a sample,I bought, my mother carried away with it all and didn't want to wait. And I must admit was persuaded by talk of what a bargain it was.

The weeks went by,the wedding getting nearer, something just wasn't right. I couldn't see myself in the dress walking towards my love. It felt like it was a dress for another bride.I would take it out and look at it in awe, but the niggles about whether I would look too pale and ghost-like didn't disappear. Although I was against anything too bridey- I just wasn't feeling I had my outfit to make me into a bride and then something happened which was too change my mind completely.. but that's another story . It had the fairytale happy ending as I did find the dress of my dreams.

And now I am trying to find the home for this beautiful dress, it makes me sad that it hasn't fulfilled it's bridal role and some lucky girl needs to wear it for her day of dreams. An advert was placed and we had great fun,dressing up my sister in law- who is the most beautiful girl I know,one of those annoying types that can wear a bin bag and look stunning..grrr!

We couldn't resist doing a few romantic shots.

Once again this is not me!!

I call this one the bride does a runner!

( in case you take a fancy to the dress or know the perfect person,look here!)


Rosalie said...

Oo that is beautiful but the dress you were married in is even more beautiful and was perfect for your wedding. I think you definitely have to listen to any doubts you have about wedding dresses, I'm a two dress bride too!

Conversation Pieces said...

Aww, your sis in law looks lovely in that dress. I never knew there was such a thing as a two dress bride – I have so much to learn ;)

Flora said...

Thank you Rosalie!What was your other dress?

And CP, I don't think it's an accepted part of wedding lingo! YET!
She does look lovely, I was secretly hoping she would be taken with it and want to keep it because although I call her sis in law she's yet to do the deed. But she did enjoy dressing up, I even got a bit teary imploring them to hurry up and get married!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Luv that dress!