Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Courtyard and Urban Gardens.

The courtyard gardens; small spaces but were so inspiring for us to see how you can create beautiful lush gardens with not much room!

The Kitchen garden, how handy to be able to reach up and pluck your salad from the wall as you prepare lunch.
Like to see that sold in ikea!

Strawberries growing in colanders

The Entente Cordiale garden
A wonderful jardin francaise, eating croissants in front of geranium filled window boxes. All the colours were red,white and blue!

Each garden was more and more breathtaking as I elbowed my way through the crowds.
This one was so calming and elegant,just white and green plants,peonies,rambling roses,foxgloves,allium,silver birch trees, contrasting against the red bricks. Simple and perfect.
I do love a walled garden.

Even a blackbird stopped by to admire it!

A garden for a potter. Again wonderfully wild and naturalistc, alliums echoed the shape of the pots.

This was my favourite, 'the alchemist's garden'. The styling was fantastic, you could just picture a mystical alchemsist concocting potions and polstices amongst the plants and books. Even a beehive!

All the plants and herbs were those that would be used in alchemy. Fennel,digitalis,woad.

The urban gardens were a bit more light hearted. Who needs a moat if your front garden looks like this?

And this was the famous plasticine garden, I could hardly get near it for the crowds.

And the Biker garden. With a real life Ace of Spades!!


Nantucket Mermaid said...

Hello! I found you through Saipua in the comments section...so I thought I'd blog about your beautifulness! Thank you and I'll keep looking....

Hannah said...

Oooh im so jelous! Im with you on the walled garden. Id love to have one of theose stand up garden thingys? with plants growing vertically doen the walls. Yes i would.

And Id love to see the alchmist garden up close- it all looks incredible!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I love the wild looking gardens so much. The modern, sculptural ones with lots of concrete bits do nothing for me.

Rosalie said...

Wow all your Chelsea posts make me very envious! I love the alchemist garden best too I think, definitely the wilder ones for me too. I'm determined to make it to the show next year and take my mum :)

Flora said...

Why thank you Nantucket Mermaid! How lovely!
I don't get the modern garden look at all, there was one that was surrounded by concrete walls and looked horrid. Wild and rambling definitely the way forward, although apparently it's very hard work maintaining the neglected look!

EliandMe said...

Until I read this post I had no interest whatsoever in Chelsea Flower Show, but now I want to go more than anything else in the world. It's all sooooo pretty.