Monday, 18 May 2009

Birthday Boy..

Yesterday was all about the boy and the best way to spend his birthday was with his latest love, Beryl the camper van. A day out was planned, to the sea we were headed but grey rainy clouds almost changed our plans. But first a birthday breakfast in our most favourite of places ,tea and toast for starts.

The teatowel said it all and it worked,we left to beautiful white clouds and bright light.

We hit the road,dogs in the back and headed towards a seaside town but there was a wild wind a blowin' and our little green camper was getting buffeted about like a balloon.

We turned off only to see a sign for a VW festival- 'buglovin'.. And what could be more perfect for my love than a field filled with his favourite things.So we turned around and headed for a bit of camper fun. It was near the end so many of the vans were pootling off, what a lovely sight, multicoloured vans in convoy.

Cue lots of pictures of him peering into vans

Look at the little cutie asleep in the front!

Birthday cupcakes and a cup of tea in the back of our little bug.

And then homeward bound past pointy pointy oast houses for an evening sipping a special bottle of wedding bubbly,toasting each other with our special wedding bubbly glasses. Mine has the splash of orange.. Yum-o!

Happy birthday lovely man. It's always fun chugging along with you and the dogs.

And Beryl,of course!

(sharp ones will notice,the short hair on the boy and the long hair on the dogs in this one! Taken on a sunny day soon after Beryl came to live with us)


Jane O Sullivan said...

what a lovely,lovely,lovely post ...

Jane O Sullivan said...

oh,the post flew over to the right of the page before I could add....yes , it is a turquoise tree(house), nicee to meet you !

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Happy birthday boy!

What a fun day. I'm so jealous of Beryl! One of our neighbours has a gorgeous beetle green VW camper and it has the comfiest looking bed in the back. I ogle it every time I walk by.

Flora said...

Jeepers - this is getting weirder...we have a green VW Camper too (but a pale 1950s green)! She's being given a makeover at the moment...the rust was winning, so we thought we'd better get her sorted for the summer.

When I next do a post I'll put some pics up for you!

Beryl looks lovely (so does your kitchen!)

Flora said...

Thanks Jane, nicee to meet you too?(is that an irish greeting or just a typo? I like it tho!)

Well,Peonies, speaking from experience the bed is not exactly the comfiest thing in the world but it's a lot of fun snuggled up.Take a sneaky pic so I an see their comfy bed!!
We haven't slept in ours yet as it still needs refurbing but the one we had for our honeymoon was fab!

Ooo Flora- we are seperated at birth,what a great colour-we're probably going to change the hunter green to something brighter but we can't decide and change our mind frequently!

And if only that was our kitchen,sigh, but it is a beautiful cafe near us.

Hannah said...

Great post. This would also be my misters preferred way to spend a birthday! We are saving for a vw campervan at the moment, although we want an 80's organge one! We rented one from happy Campers in Nottingham for our 1 yr wedding anniversary and we had such a wonderful time!

When we have our own, Im most excited about the inerior (and the holidays of course!) I want to line the inside with wallpaper, as well as reupholster the cusion covers and curtains etc.

There is nothing like hearing the rain on the roof of your van, i cant wait to have my very own!

(wow long comment- sorry!)

Flora said...

I love long comments Hannah! And I am very excited about the interior too.I have been stockpiling fabric for curtains and cushions..We need new panels and floors first.
They are perfect for special occasion holidays aren't they. I hope you get your one soon!