Thursday, 2 April 2009

You say you want a revolution..

Carnival spirit!

Billy Bragg sang This land is your land

And the internationale..
See him sing it here

Billy should be Prime Minister. No doubt.

It was all very peaceful, more like a festival with lots of music and colour. It felt good to be a part of it.
I just feel sad how the City protest yesterday has been reported as there was no violence or scuffles,none that I witnessed at all. And what was a peaceful protest has been ruined by the behaviour of a minority and without doubt, the police were certainly antagonistic.

We sang 'We shall overcome' on the steps of the Bank.. it was brill

Power to the people! And the trannies.

(pics by anarchist me)


Peonies and Polaroids said...

My boy was in London yesterday, photographing the very small by comparrison protests at the Excel centre, he had a wonderful time.

I love Billy Bragg, he would make a Very Good prime minister!back

Amber said...

GO YOU! power to the people indeed. protests are a rather thrilling and fun thing to do. haven't been to one for AGES. this is what happens when the government you like is in power after TWELVE years of a conservative govt. we're too busy getting drunk and celebrating and spending our tax returns to protest anything. (which...can be nice too...!)

nath said...

Yes, Mr Bragg would be an certain improvement. He lives near me actually. I'll collar him next time I see him.

Wish I could've been there, there's nothing like a good protest!

Flora said...

Cool Peony! Would love to see some of his pics..
Shall we start a campaign, he's great when he appears on Question Time.

Wow Nath! I am sooooo jealous, I would be permanently stalking him.What a top man he is.

And yes Amber, it was really very thrilling until they penned us all in and I was desperate for a wee!

agirl said...

Go you indeed! Wish I could have been there.