Tuesday, 14 April 2009

a weekend in pictures.


Misty morning by the river. All the skyscrapers lost in the fog, vague silhouettes and the river still apart from early morning rowers, the sea and sky melted into each other.
It was murkily Dickensian.
Especially so,as we were at an auction full of forgotten furniture rummaging through books,clocks,clothes from other people's lives. I stepped out for some air and felt transported back in time.

Then a late afternoon walk where, amongst the daffodils,we spied the sweetest ducklings huddled under mother duck's wing!
Little fluffballs. Perfectly Easter-ie!


After some bootsale-ing(more on that later), blossom filled our hearts as we walked around with me getting sneezier and sneezier.

The next day the cold was a doozie,and it was all I could do but moan and demand tea, in alternate sequence. Fortunately the remedy for a poorly girl is similar to that of a poorly boy as stated here. And hurrah hurrah- Annie was on for bank holiday movie. It was brill- with subtitles on it was like being at karaoke.I meant to record me singing along to send to musical buddy but ended up taking this rather blurry pic by mistake. As you can see, it aptly snapped on Miss Hannigan singing 'One day I'll land in the nut house'

(it's better if you click on it!)

I don't say nothing....


Emmy said...

Ah lovely Flora. You have the same taste in spring blossoms as I do.

Flora said...

Haha I know! I popped over to yours after writing this and saw your pics! Great minds,my dear!

agirl said...

What a lovely weekend. And magnolias! Oh! They make my heart sing.