Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wallpaper Tree

Am adoring these wonderful tree decals made up from vintage wall paper snippets. I first saw one in a teeny boutique in darkest Suffolk last week and it sent me on a search, desperate to track it down. Success! They are by Inke Heiland, a dutch designer and can be found in all these various places. I love the variety of colour they can get with all the retro wallpaper.I am so tempted!
They also do animals and bird house lights. Perfect for a nursery, or my bedroom!

And I fancy a couple of birdies too

I was so enamoured of it in the shop, I couldn't resist taking a couple of snaps.

It could look fab over the stairs or in a conservatory. Or anywhere really! Wouldn't it brighten the day. I might have to start collecting vintage wallpaper now... along with everything else I like to find. There's going to be no room left for the Shoe at this rate. Ah well...he'll understand.


Flora said...

Brilliant. that is exactly what I have been looking for, for my youngest daughter's bedroom. I was thinking of painting the tree on the wall - an apple tree with birdies on the branches (a bit Susie Ghahremani-esque I was hoping) but now I want to do a wallpaper one!

Flora said...

Oh yes, a perfect idea and I'm sure you will do it brilliantly with your stained glass expertise- only with paper not glass!
I don't know Susie Ghahremani shall go and investigate.
You'll have to be on the look out for wallpaper offcuts now!