Thursday, 30 April 2009

Recent Boot-aay...

Last couple of weeks boot sale bonanza's haul..

The next couple of pictures , all these items were bought from the same lady's table, I could have bought the entire contents it was all such treasure..

Beautiful Poole plate and Carltonware foxglove bowl.

Perfect for putting sweetpeas in!

And this amazing hand painted tray. The lady with all the treasure said she had bought it in Russia 30 years ago. It's rather loud but I adore it,the rainbow colours and design remind me of Romany gypsy caravans.

And Edward Ardizzone's children's books are always so charming. I love this tale of the rhinocerous that come to visit a young girl and their friendship as she nurses him through a heavy cold! The illustrations are so cheery.

Another copy of Alice, I can never resist them, and some delicately decorated plates..

Check out the little spider- I had to have it!

And I couldn't resist these retro milk bottles. The Shoe needed some convincing of their greatness but they will look brilliant in our kitchen when it has finally been revamped.

Much nicer than tetrapak!


Rosalie said...

Wow so many beautiful things. I love the plate with the spider and the tray - reminds me of romany caravans too. Think I'll venture to two boot sales this weekend, can't wait!

Flora said...

Have fun Rosalie! A double boot sale weekend- yay for bank holidays.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I'm so jealous of your car booting skills!

Flora said...

Well if you're ever down south, you'd be very welcome to join me on a hunt.

Jane O Sullivan said...

you have some eye girl ! great post , I can feel the giddyness (I know it too,great feeling )The alice book , lovely

Conversation Pieces said...

Love love love the milk bottles – they're ace!!