Saturday, 11 April 2009

I could write a sonnet...

about your Easter Bonnet..

I have been singing this wonderful tune for the last few days. Another fantasy job would have been in the MGM studio chorus! Espesh when they go .. OoH oo ooo oo oo Ooo! Know the bit?

Wouldn't you love to have swished down 5th Avenue in that Easter Parade? Fred Astaire on your arm and a lovely beribboned hat decked out with blooms.. and elbow length pink gloves too!

I finally made it to the exhibition of hats at the Victoria and Albert museum. It was Mar-vay -LOOS! Hats of all sizes,ages, designs,fabrics, textures.Pill boxes,bonnets,top hats,turbans,bowlers,caps, hats beyond imagination,humorous hats,historical hats and hats from famous heads. A whole lotta hats.

(from hapsical)
It was all curated by Stephen Jones best known for creating hats for Galliano and Gaultier catwalk shows and as well as his own collection to choose from he had the pick of the V and A's collection of more than 7000 hats.

And so there are 300 weird and wonderful chappeaux and titfers. From Queen Victoria's bonnet, Marlene Dietrich's beret,a Barbara Cartland pink tulle number,Maurice Chevalier's boater, the fly away creation that sat atop Sarah Jessica Parker's head at the SATC movie premiere,such wonderful creations with feathers,straw,flowers.And pom poms as worn by Bjork..great songs insane outfits!

Terrifying hat,not one for wearing down the high street-

Oo and a whole display cabinet devoted to Cecil Beaton with hats that he created for My Fair Lady. His designs for this film won him an Oscar and included that wonderful Ascot scene where everyone was dressed in black and white ad had some staggering(probably literally) hats!

I swear, I almost fell to my knees and worshipped when I saw this beauty that Audrey wore... in the film.. she wore it. IN THE FILM!! ....faint....

Here are a few more to feast you eyes on. It runs till the 31st of May and you can find out more or just drool at more pics here. Inspiring stuff, I could see myself as a bit of a mad hatter...


the letters i wish i'd written said...

Oh I am jealous, when I was in London the other day I had planned to go but then I had to go the osteopath, boo...But now you've posted this, hooray! Beautiful, I do like a nice bonnet.

Amber said...

oh dearie. hats are absolutely wonderful. i want to wear more. as it's getting colder here, i wanna try and work in some head wear. hmmm...dunno what though?

Flora said...

Happy to have saved you the trip,miss letters, although I'm sure it would have been more fun than the dreaded osteopath!

Yes,Amber,let's wear more hats..I long for the days when hats were everyday apparel! How about a nice 1920's style cloche hat?
lovin this..