Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Florists Anonymous..

So you are probably aware of the truly gorgeousness of Sarah from Saipua's alchemy with flowers,creating bouquets and arrangements that take your breath away. Honestly, what that girl can do with ranunculus and fritilleries... I am so making a detour over to Brooklyn if we ever head New York way. Her posts continuously make my heart flutter, the pictures are beautiful,just look at all the shades and textures in the picture above.
And now there is another way to get your fix! Hurrah! ideal for a flower addict like me. And it's a way of bringing some of that Saipua magic into our own bowl of blooms. Over on Design Sponge, Sarah is giving mini masterclasses.. on the perfectly titled Weeder's Digest. For me it's just one more place to drool.. *goes into a trance* look at da preddiee flowers..

Seriously inspiring stuff. Look at those colours and the... oo just everything... ..

Now I can't compare with this beautiousness but I have had some lovely flowers to play with recently. These tulips were chameleon like, changing from pale green to white tipped with purple, almost as if someone had taken a fine paintbrush to them. The thing I love about tulips is that they keep growing even after being picked so in the vase they have a life of their own.
They last for ages and I feel at their most beautiful two days or so before they are destined for the compost pile. (excuse the halfway painted mantelpiece!)

And I'm worried about getting a reputation for being a park pilferer especially as I confessed all about my violets but.... I promise, promise,promise cross my heart hope to die that,yesterday, in our backyard park, I found this big bunch of bluebells all neatly collected and left abandoned under a tree. I couldn't just leave them there could I? to wilt in the I smuggled them home to scent my kitchen. A wonderfully intense blue.

As you can see the teapot is the favourite vessel of the moment. It's part of my wedding crockery collection and was also filled with flowers on our wedding day. I love having these small reminders.

We walked through a bluebell wood at the weekend- one of life's greatest pleasures.

'When bluebells seemed like fairy gifts, a prize amongst all flowers'

Anne Bronte.