Friday, 17 April 2009


It's been raining ALLLLL day today..and yesterday too...
but of course it is, it's April shower time!
Although it's not so much April shower but April downpour.

So of course this has been the theme tune of the day

And again I say... film studio choir= dream job. Of. All.Time!
Oh to be able to sing with those silvery tones..
And that bit where they sound like the wind,isn't it perfect?

It's so lovely sitting here with the tappity tap drumming away on our glass roof of our kitchen. Makes one feel all cosy and snuggled. But at some point I will have to leave the house. So I have been trying to find a stylish brolly for me to do my Gene Kelly impressions with.

I adore these two from La Kidston of Cath. How delightful is the retro London print,
complete with the Eye and Buck House.

There's a matching bag too.

Or seeing stars through this one would be super as you tripped down the street.

Or you could always be walking beneath blue skies with this one!

from Brolliesgalore

A good one for walking the pooches..just like this great illustration from 3lambdesign.
brolly by radley

Yay for the rain and yay for brollies!

So who's for a bit of puddle jumping?

(pics from here and here)


the letters i wish i'd written said...

I've gone all Bacharach and am currently bopping round my hotel room to raindrops keep falling on my head, what will the neighbours say? So very much in love with the umbrella with the clouds, so, so, so, so purty!

nath said...

I love April Showers from Bambi, it's second only to All In The Golden Afternoon from Alice in Wonderland...

Flora said...

Nath, Absolutely!!I love that song so much! and in fact we used those words on our wedding invites. Tempting fate but worked out fine!

An umbrella is needed to go with your bopping,that inner cloud one's my fave too.
Although after I wrote this post we had a week of glorious sunshine!!