Thursday, 30 April 2009

Oh Elvis...

When you do that shaky leg, hip rocking, lip quivering, sultry smouldering... ooo- my tum does little flippy things and I get funny feelings in a certain bit of my anatomy...

Caught the end of Girls,Girls,Girls today. Fabby film about Elvis, a fisherman trying to buy a boat and earning extra money by singing in a nightclub, with some truly camp songs... but he never looked better all tanned and toned! The sixties was always my favourite Elvis period, that comeback when he's top to toe in black leather made a big impression on me when I saw it on telly as a young innocent girl - it was a repeat, I should add!

Oh to be his first mate and be serenaded by the bequiffed one whilst wearing a ruffly bikini.

Even though you is long gone(sob sob) and I know you kinda let yourself go a bit towards the end,hey we all are guilty of a bit of comfort eating. But when you look like a god in your rolled up sleeves and little captain's hat.. You'll always be a dreamboat!

Seriously sexy,no?! Although how camp can you get with all the 'never saw such big ones' and a**- slapping!
And the big finale with the title song - brilliantly over the top!

Recent Boot-aay...

Last couple of weeks boot sale bonanza's haul..

The next couple of pictures , all these items were bought from the same lady's table, I could have bought the entire contents it was all such treasure..

Beautiful Poole plate and Carltonware foxglove bowl.

Perfect for putting sweetpeas in!

And this amazing hand painted tray. The lady with all the treasure said she had bought it in Russia 30 years ago. It's rather loud but I adore it,the rainbow colours and design remind me of Romany gypsy caravans.

And Edward Ardizzone's children's books are always so charming. I love this tale of the rhinocerous that come to visit a young girl and their friendship as she nurses him through a heavy cold! The illustrations are so cheery.

Another copy of Alice, I can never resist them, and some delicately decorated plates..

Check out the little spider- I had to have it!

And I couldn't resist these retro milk bottles. The Shoe needed some convincing of their greatness but they will look brilliant in our kitchen when it has finally been revamped.

Much nicer than tetrapak!

Wallpaper Tree

Am adoring these wonderful tree decals made up from vintage wall paper snippets. I first saw one in a teeny boutique in darkest Suffolk last week and it sent me on a search, desperate to track it down. Success! They are by Inke Heiland, a dutch designer and can be found in all these various places. I love the variety of colour they can get with all the retro wallpaper.I am so tempted!
They also do animals and bird house lights. Perfect for a nursery, or my bedroom!

And I fancy a couple of birdies too

I was so enamoured of it in the shop, I couldn't resist taking a couple of snaps.

It could look fab over the stairs or in a conservatory. Or anywhere really! Wouldn't it brighten the day. I might have to start collecting vintage wallpaper now... along with everything else I like to find. There's going to be no room left for the Shoe at this rate. Ah well...he'll understand.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Florists Anonymous..

So you are probably aware of the truly gorgeousness of Sarah from Saipua's alchemy with flowers,creating bouquets and arrangements that take your breath away. Honestly, what that girl can do with ranunculus and fritilleries... I am so making a detour over to Brooklyn if we ever head New York way. Her posts continuously make my heart flutter, the pictures are beautiful,just look at all the shades and textures in the picture above.
And now there is another way to get your fix! Hurrah! ideal for a flower addict like me. And it's a way of bringing some of that Saipua magic into our own bowl of blooms. Over on Design Sponge, Sarah is giving mini masterclasses.. on the perfectly titled Weeder's Digest. For me it's just one more place to drool.. *goes into a trance* look at da preddiee flowers..

Seriously inspiring stuff. Look at those colours and the... oo just everything... ..

Now I can't compare with this beautiousness but I have had some lovely flowers to play with recently. These tulips were chameleon like, changing from pale green to white tipped with purple, almost as if someone had taken a fine paintbrush to them. The thing I love about tulips is that they keep growing even after being picked so in the vase they have a life of their own.
They last for ages and I feel at their most beautiful two days or so before they are destined for the compost pile. (excuse the halfway painted mantelpiece!)

And I'm worried about getting a reputation for being a park pilferer especially as I confessed all about my violets but.... I promise, promise,promise cross my heart hope to die that,yesterday, in our backyard park, I found this big bunch of bluebells all neatly collected and left abandoned under a tree. I couldn't just leave them there could I? to wilt in the I smuggled them home to scent my kitchen. A wonderfully intense blue.

As you can see the teapot is the favourite vessel of the moment. It's part of my wedding crockery collection and was also filled with flowers on our wedding day. I love having these small reminders.

We walked through a bluebell wood at the weekend- one of life's greatest pleasures.

'When bluebells seemed like fairy gifts, a prize amongst all flowers'

Anne Bronte.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Look up...

"Stars and blossoming cherry trees:

utter permanence and extreme fragility

give an equal sense of eternity".

-Simone Weil

(pictures from here and me)

Friday, 24 April 2009

Girls in multicoloured dresses..

When I was a little girl, we would go on holiday to my Granny's house in the beautiful Sussex town of Lewes. If the days were sunny we would head to the seaside and spend the day doggy-paddling in armbands and eating sandy sandwiches and if it was rainy we would get the brollies out and sashay down the high street,popping to the charity shops( my love was formed at an early age!) and ending up at a shop halfway down the steep hill.Without doubt a trip to Clothkits was as traditional as the seaside days.

Behind the wooden frontage, the shop was packed with fabrics and patterns. Rows of dresses for grown up ladies and small ladies. You would choose your style,your colour and pattern then take it home and sew the item yourself. There were even squashy dollies that could be yours all with their own character and outfits.

I would love picking out the fabrics with bold and decorative patterns and remember poring over the catalogues. No wonder I still adore bird and floral prints.But really it was Granny that was in charge, she and mummy,dearest would hold up dresses to us and compare which flowery pattern was better, dungarees or dress? It was all wonderfully hippy and boho!

I had been thinking about this shop recently, what with all the homespinning sewing and crafting,that it would be perfect and what d'ya know... it's back!
I couldn't believe it when I read this article and immediately scoured the Clothkits website with delight and nostalgia, recognizing the old prints and being transported back to those childhood days. The business is now run online and they have reinvigorated it with designs by Rob Ryan such as this fabulous skirt-

Even the pattern is a masterpiece

There are many beautiful things, lots more birdy themed clothes which is always a good thing.

Cute sundresses for wee folk and I have my eye on the birdy skirt below..

As well as this magic tree skirt

Better get granny tied to the sewing machine again!

And the kid's stuff is adorable. Almost worth stealing a child for..

But what really got the tear ducts wobbling was seeing all the old fabric and patterns again. It was truly evocative of that time and immediately took me back. I adore all the bright colours, this green one was a particular favourite. I'm sure my mum had these very hippy dungarees in the print!

I wish they would bring back the old patterns

And we definitely had a pocket storage thingummy made from this pattern.. Wonder where it is now..

There is a whole section on the website dedicated to Clothkit memories, I'm not the only one with a hankering for brightly coloured printed cordouroy.

Fabulous... health food shop wholesome!

(pics from flickr and clothkits website)

Friday, 17 April 2009


It's been raining ALLLLL day today..and yesterday too...
but of course it is, it's April shower time!
Although it's not so much April shower but April downpour.

So of course this has been the theme tune of the day

And again I say... film studio choir= dream job. Of. All.Time!
Oh to be able to sing with those silvery tones..
And that bit where they sound like the wind,isn't it perfect?

It's so lovely sitting here with the tappity tap drumming away on our glass roof of our kitchen. Makes one feel all cosy and snuggled. But at some point I will have to leave the house. So I have been trying to find a stylish brolly for me to do my Gene Kelly impressions with.

I adore these two from La Kidston of Cath. How delightful is the retro London print,
complete with the Eye and Buck House.

There's a matching bag too.

Or seeing stars through this one would be super as you tripped down the street.

Or you could always be walking beneath blue skies with this one!

from Brolliesgalore

A good one for walking the pooches..just like this great illustration from 3lambdesign.
brolly by radley

Yay for the rain and yay for brollies!

So who's for a bit of puddle jumping?

(pics from here and here)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bootiful Booty..

One of my greatest loves is waking up early on the so called 'day of rest'and making my way through quiet streets to huge fields filled with folks selling the unwanted detritus of their lives. Never has the statement 'one man's trash is another woman's treasure' been more true when you go to car boot sales. But for me rifling through and working out which stall holds gold is the treasure. As a friend once said to me that if I ever get to heaven, it would be one everlasting car boot sale!
I hit my first one three weeks ago,my excitement at the start of the season bubbling away, wondering what might be out there. And I have been meaning to share pictures of my finds. So this was my haul from Sunday. I went with Frenchie. We are bad influences on each other...

A mirror 1950's/60's? Although looks quite Art Deco- a bargainious 8 quid.
I habe a number of this style of mirror as I plan to hang them in my dark hallway like this

Lovely pottery lamp,with cut outs that cast great shadows(bought at first sale) with other goodies from this week.

duck egg blue tea cup( Frenchie kept one that was green)

Cutest birdy glasses- with the bird names in francais- blue tit is mesange and a woodpecker is a 'pic'! See it's educational too!

A super 8mm cine camera.. Will it work? Hope we can figure it out, it will be a project!

Then we found an amazing box of tablecloths,fabrics,all odds and ends,doilies,placemats random rummaging turned up these...
Stunning antique lace..

Broderie Anglaise collar detail

Chintzy cushion cover and chair back,which could be turned into another cushion cover

Not quite matching but fantastic prints and colours. And then this fabulous bedspread, it feels like silk. Probably for a child's bed as it would be too small for fully grown person..

And another cushion case, hand embroidered, mainly because I love anything with birds and bees on it!

Good eh?! I was very pleased with myself. The Shoe was not so.. 'Where are you going to put all this stuff?' He wailed and looked despondent. Some girls buy shoes, I buy stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot.. just as we were leaving , I spotted this marvellous turquoise vanity case, half hidden under a table. Just the thing for storing all my material. All works out perfectly- as I told the Shoe..

Happiness is a boot sale bargain!