Monday, 2 March 2009

'with a mop-mop here..

and a mop-mop there....A woman with a whisk broom can accomplish so darn much'

Well, this past weekend we have been mostly doing the cleaning de spring. Of course it helps that this glorious light really compels you to blow away all the cobwebs literally and figuratively. I have been rather cobwebby of late. Da Family( as said in a mock Brando voice) has been making me blue and I will admit that March is far from my favourite month,despite all the beautiful buds and blossoms tempting joy into our hearts but it was so reviving to tackle the mess and make plans for our home and garden as we buzzed around like worker bees.
I always have this song in my head as I tidy and clean.. I am aware that some might find it's dubious title and words a bit dodge but really,it does do the trick! From Calamity Jane,another film that got me hooked on musicals as a child; it was always my favourite song as kakakaKatie transforms Calam and gives the 'cabin glamour'!

'And gosh a-mighty all at once the cabin that we knew becomes a shining castle fit for two - me and you...'
Oh, to have a cabin with a primrose yellow door and chintzy curtains!

PS really and truly,The Shoe is the domestic goddess in our house.. Shhhh...


the letters i wish i'd written said...

Oh how I love Calamity Jane, it's so wrong but so very right!

Flora said...

Definitely a rainy sunday afternoon film.
I always had a bit of a crush on Howard Keel too!

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Hands off my husband! Now, where did I leave my medication....?