Monday, 30 March 2009

Weird weather news..

So I've had to do lots of driving these last few days and usually I hate driving.
Although sometimes I love it, when there's no jams and no idiots and when good music comes on the radio, you're in your own bubble and sound like Barbara Streisand when you sing along(cars are as good as showers for voice improvement). This weekend was one of those happy driving times, the loveliest part was the incredible weather we've been having, patchwork of dark clouds and bright blue skies, views of pouring rain from one window, blue sky from the other.
Obviously this means it was optimum rainbow spotting weather and there have been rainbows just all over the place, at times it felt like I was following them along my journey. But alas, there was no gold, just my home, which is almost as good! Now I know I'm not such an ego maniac to imagine there were there just for me, or that I have any supernatural power over the meteorological happenings.. but secretly I like to believe they had been sent to cheer me up after I wrote about looking to the rainbows. All the way along the dull motorway and then across the rooftops in the dirty city,I've never seen the skies so colourful.

One of the days, I was thinking of a certain song during work,humming away to myself, and then as I started the long journey home it was the first one that came on the radio. I love radio synchronicities! Spooky!!
It was this by Simon and Garfunkel and contains one of my favourite lines ever-
I can gather all the news I need from the weather report..

Very true sometimes. It felt good driving through the rainbows singing along with Mr Paul Simon. I always try to do the harmonies,badly.
Last night, I was listening to the version by Everything but the Girl about whom the Shoe and I always argue as he hates Tracy Thorn's voice and does ths morose impression of her. Harumph!
But he agreed it was a very good song and was impressed - yay! I felt triumphant.

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