Monday, 30 March 2009

time management problem

For some, Saturday nights involve wild dancing and drinking till the world spins and ends by crawling into a pit,vowing never to do it again..
But for the Shoe and I, we stayed up till the wee small hours tying knots in ribbon and punching holes and generally cursing my lack of organisation as we prepared for an exhibition the following day.This usually involves me plying my wares whilst the Shoe acts as my pimp, he does it well and I buy him a curry as a thank you in the evening. All fairly good fun but not the perfect way to spend a sunday.

So there we were, clock ticking by,hours of potential sleep getting less, without even mentioning the disappearing hour as it becomes summer time in an instant, when The Shoe asks what time we actually need to be there.. 'Oh ten thirty,eleven' I say vaguely 'well I'd better check' so on goes the interweb and then 'it says here April 19th' EH??? April 19th? Bloomin'eck Flora!

Yup I had the wrong date.Oops...

I swear I have some disease where I get a time or date fixed in my mind as I have done this behaviour before. It's never got me in trouble but can be rather annoying. Luckily I have married the calmest and most patient man in the universe, who,when we realised that we wouldn't have to get up in 3 hours time, just laughed and laughed and laughed. The relief! It was like the world had given us a free day. So the only way to fill it (after catching up with lots of sleep) was to garden! Hurrah.. that is one of the perfect ways to spend a sunday.Happily we wandered round the garden centre, gazing at the plants we want to transform our garden of disaster with. We finally planted the cherry tree we were given as a wedding present(hope it will survive) and whilst the Shoe set about tearing up the last of the horrid decking that covered our tiny garden, I filled window boxes in the sun.

For those of horticultural persuasion, I planted dwarf daffodils(obviously)violas,muscari,saxifrage, some kind of succulent(Oo-er) oh and native cowslips. Love that word - so english!Makes me think of summer meadows.It was a wonderful way to spend the first day of British Summer Time.


Polly said...

Hi Flora, I love your little garden in the window, great selection of flowers, they go together perfectly.

Your saturday night story is very funny... easily done, happened to me before, now I always double check the date when I have a deadline or thing to do...

And also - I love the rainbow photos in your previous post. The one with the road is startling. Thanks! Polly

agirl said...

Oh gardening! I want to do some so badly. Easter weekend both the Boy and I will be off together and can do some at long last. I just hope it doesn't rain...

Your window boxes look like little bundles of happiness :)

Emmy said...

Have you seen the Indie Fix free art project (

I came across it today and the downloadable print from Sarah Parrott reminded me of this post.

Flora said...

Thank you Polly, I like that- a garden in the window! It's exactly that.
And happy the rainbow photos brightened your day.Wish I could take such good day,maybe!

And the long weekends are perfect gardening times aren't they? Beat the hordes at the garden centres though.So far I haven't killed my bundles of happiness! All doing well..

And Emmy, I hadn't heard of indiefixx and I ADORE that print!! And the quote too.. double perfectness! Thanks honeypie!