Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stolen Violets

I was a naughty girl today.
Whilst walking les poochies today in this week of summer during a spring month,I was deep in thought when suddenly I spied a clump of purple amidst dark green. Violets! Tiny tiny flowers that hug the ground and seen only by those with eyes cast down.I was thrilled. They seem so rare I was delighted to find a huge area covered with them in our city park. And... I'm afraid I couldn't resist but like a floral thief picked two plants to brighten the kitchen. They have always been one of my favourites ever since Eliza Doolittle uttered the words 'all me violets trod in the mud' from My Fair Lady.

'O wind, where have you been,
That you blow so sweet?
Among the violets
Which blossom at your feet.

The honeysuckle waits
For Summer and for heat
But violets in the chilly Spring
Make the turf so sweet.'

I left the roots on so maybe if I plant them, I'll have no need to be a park burglar. Normally I would never behave in such a fashion, but every good girl deserves violets!
And besides,they look lovely on the mantelpiece above the vase of pussy willow I picked last week!

I would have loved to have had a violet wedding bouquet like this one, surrounded by leaves,just like Eliza would have sold.

Or This one has a modern twist but still full of parisian charm.

Or maybe bake some cupcakes and decorate with crystalized violets. Here's a recipe to create sugared petals and here, from cabbagerosesandcupcakes,a recipe for violet cupcakes too

Violets became popular in Victorian times, when the symbolic meaning of flowers gave meaning and depth to the giving of flowers. The violet signified modesty and friendship...
I adore the vintage postcards you can find, decorated with entwined violets.

From here and here- with lots more vintage,birdy cards.

Poem by Christina Rosetti.


agirl said...

I want to run out and steal some violets now, and artfully arrange them next to some gorgeous pussy willow.

Actually I've been eyeing up the daffodils on the roadside on my commute with a covetous eye. The ones in our garden have not yet come into full bloom as it's quite sheltered. Hence my desire to steal someone else's yellow joy.

Flora said...

In wild teenage days, a friend turned up at my house,with arms full of daffodils - she had picked a few from every house she passed and by the time she got to me could hardly carry them... I'm sure none were missed from the suburban front gardens but they filled every vase I had.

Don;t you love that- for some wild teenage days = drugs/drink etc... mine is stealing daffodils!!!! Hmmmm

Amber said...

oh, stolen sounds so harsh. Flowers are owned by nobody! I figure all flowers are there to be enjoyed. So, please, pick flowers wherever you can :) violets are beautiful!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Naughty girl! I love it. I always want to pinch flowers from parks but I'm too scared of getting spotted and shouted at (I'm a wimp)

Sugared violets are so very pretty and I love the plants, they are the ultimate granny plant to go with my granny china.

Flora said...

Yes, Amber, you are quite right- flowers *are* owned by no-one! I like that.... Although if anyone dares swipes my cherry tree from outside my house- I will not be held responsible!

And Peony, I normally would never ever ever pick flowers from a park and or even in the wild for the same reasons, but I was overcome with the urge! And besides,they were just the other side of my garden fence... so practically in my garden!

Heather said...

Those violets weren't stolen, they escaped with you back to your home - you were just the facilitator, don't you think? Lovely post, I'm hooked!