Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Irish half..

..of me is thinking of all the amazing music I could post today..It's incredible how such a tiny island has produced such outstanding musicians and songs. I guess it must be something in my genes that in particular the folk music makes me feel so alive and captures all the mournful thoughts and expresses wild abandon so well.
Planxty and Christy Moore are without doubt geniuses of the highest order, a folk supergroup they reformed to do some concerts in early 2004 and lucky me and daddy dearest scored some tickets.. we both sat listening tapping feet and shedding tears in equal measure.
Planxty's songs have meant a lot to me through my life, we even had one of their songs performed at our wedding ceremony and this one The Blacksmith, was sung to me by my mum as she lulled me to sleep.
However this is no lullaby- without doubt the funkiest folk song you'll ever hear this side of the Irish Channel!


agirl said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day my dear! I will have to do some catching up with all the lovely blogs when I am done working night shifts. Ergh. Have a pint for me!

Flora said...

Thank you, I don't think I've ever done anything on the day apart from always work! But it's good to be reminded of roots occasionally.
Hope you're surviving night shifts and return to the b-world soon!!