Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I almost forgot...

..that Sunday was International Women's Day. A day about celebrating inspirations and achievements but also remembering the continued oppression that still exists, from homes to war zones around the world.

For my shame, I only learnt that this day even existed just before Christmas and it was in a rather superficial fashion. I was in a perfume shop spritzing myself with a mimosa scent when the assistant approached me and told me how the mimosa flower was symbolic of this day and in Italy, women were presented with sprigs of the feathery yellow bloom.
Mimosa has recently become one of my favourite things since I lived in a house that was brightened by a tree in a neighbouring garden.It is a glorious sight to see in these grey days of spring- a tree abundant with the eggyolk yellow blossom and my heart sings if ever I pass one by.

So unaware of the connection, I finally bought my own little shrub with sunshine pompoms on Sunday,well actually The Shoe bought it so I can say it was my IWD gift!

I love this postcard I bought months ago, a dress of mimosa yellow with flower trims..it sums up the symbolism so well.

Apparently an article written in the Vatican newspaper to mark the day, stated that the most liberating contribution to women's lives was the washing machine..now I don't dispute that life must be far easier without having to mangle one's drawers and scrub away till your hands are red raw but really, is that the best they can come up with? But as the insightful Michelle Hanson says, the pill and the like aren't allowed over there, washing machines are. I won't rant now...although someone added that the most liberating thing about washing machines might be sitting on them!

So in tribute to women's day and also stealing the idea from fab Sotto Voce's list of inspirational ladies, I thought I would list some of the gals I am impressed by.

Politically minded would be the Pankhurst sisters and other sister suffragettes, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first female doctor and mayor in Victorian England,Germaine Greer- I love her mad rantings..

Writers would be Jane Austen(of course), Angela Carter, Maya Angelou and Dorothy Parker-

'I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.'

Oh and Louisa May Alcott for giving me childhood dreams of writing in an attic.

Musicians, urgh, so many- Judy Garland,Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Babs,the incredible creative imagination of Bjork and Kirsty. Much missed Kirsty MacColl.

And then of course there's Audrey, with her perfect style. Oh I'm sure there's a million more I have forgotten. Please suggest any of your favourite ladies, won't you?

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agirl said...

Oh what happy flowers.

I have a small crush on Michelle Obama at the moment, and of course, my dearly beloved mother.

I dream of being as effortlessly chic as Audrey one fine day. *sigh*

Flora said...

It would be so nice wouldn't it? my own effortlessly chic has a completely different meaning at the moment!

I love the story you told of your mother, truly inspiring.
Michelle is a definite one that will be appearing on all the lists to come, I'm sure.

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Who needs to be in charge of their own fertility as long as you have clean pants, god bless the washing machine!

Flora said...

However the dish washer-now that really needs to be worshipped!

Amber said...

great post. go women! i am slightly confused though, aren't those flowers wattle? is that the same thing? it looks just like Australia's national flower...

(and p.s living somewhere where it is usually blue skies is pretty rad 88% of the time. the other 12% is how crap droughts and water restrictions are)

Bonnie Bonsai said...

don't know but i find your blog hilarious. we need laughter at this time of global lunacy. there is climate lunacy, economic lunacy, political lunacy, lunatics lunacy... and laughter is the best medicine, so I find it here...

Flora said...

Hi Amber, thanks for reading!
Yes,I think it must be the same- there was a tree called wattle in the garden centre too which looked the same but with different leaves.. oo check us out getting all horticultural
I didn't know it was Oz's national flower - how apt that it's such a sunshiney bloom.
And droughts must be very rubbish indeed..and I'm trying to be more green with the whole water thing but I do love a bath, ho hum!
Ta for popping in.

Flora said...

Wow- thank you so much Bonnie Bonsai!
What a thing, not sure I've ever been described as hilarious before... apart from when one of my best friends met my new beau(later hubs) for the first time and afterwards said to me incredulously 'and he seems to find you hilarious' with real disbelief!
I quite agree,I'm all for a bit of lunacy in life, especially now.