Monday, 9 March 2009

Happy Bunny!


The absolute highlight of my weekend was reading my comment box on sunday morning and seeing this from Peonies and Polaroids - 'P.S you won!
Whoop whoop whoop and a dance of glee!
Lovely Peonies about whom I have raved about a fair bit on this here blog, has freshly opened an etsy shop to sell her most splendid photographs and to celebrate this was giving away a print and all you had to do was leave a comment. Unfortunately I can't claim my extremely witty or inspiring words or even the threat of bunny bashing won me the print, as the prize allocation was done most fairly by a computerized doo-dah random number generator. But who cares, I actually won!! Excuse the gloating, and I do hope I haven't upset all the hundreds that had their eye on a print and will be scorned forever by the rest of her readers! But it's just that I never win anything. And it's something I will cherish and look at daily.It is also fortuitous because,Peonies' style has been so inspirational,I'm sure many have been compelled to start writing because of her blog. I know I have been. So the picture will be a lovely representation of this too.
The photos are truly beautiful,I have been struggling to choose which one to lay my grubby mitts on,I set the task to The Shoe last night as I was knocked out by a killer migraine to tell me the ones he likes and luckily they are all the same ones that I favour. Hey,we're good like that!
I'm sure you are well aware how sublime her pictures are, somehow they have this instantly calming effect on looking at them. Rolling skies,waves,orchids,peonies(of course) the visual equivalent of a deep sigh as all the troubles lift of your shoulders for a wee while.
But how to choose? Think I may have to purchase another one, just to make sure it's not lonely..

'Light dances of the silver shores'

'In another time'

'The Remote Part'

'The weight of memory'


'Palest pink'

Oops seeing them all together here, I want them all! just takes my breath away and beautiful things make everyone happy. Thank you Peony..

Right,must remember to buy a lottery ticket just in case my winning streak continues!

(bunny pic via here, peony has a bunny thing going on!)


Polly said...

Hello Flora, thanks for stopping at my blog and nice to meet you! Congratulations on your winning! The photos are stunning indeed...

I really like your blog and I'll be back for more soon.


Indian Summers said...

What a nice hard decision to make! I like your shortlist - I can see why you're having trouble deciding. That top picture of the bunny has just brightened up my morning :-)

Krista said...

Congrats ... what a hard decision to make! I love the jumping bunny - perfectly describing what I imagine your emotions to be!

Flora said...

Hi Polly! Thanks for the congrats and nice words. They are great pics aren't they?

Glad to have cheered up your morning,Indian Summers,bouncing bunnies to the rescue! It was a tough choice alright but have plumped for palest pink in the end, I have an urge for spring! Thanks for popping in.

Thank you Krista, isn't it a fab picture,it looks like the bunny is clicking his heels together!