Thursday, 19 February 2009

Walking and wallpaper...

Today was a blue-ish day,and I trudged round like an old wellington boot but I was cheered up by seeing the pink camelias appearing in the park.
It's here, spring's here!

I walked through the trees, listening to Danny Baker on the radio, made me chortle and then got all lumpy throaty as I sang along to this magical song.
Fear I may be turning into a mad dog lady, laughing and singing to myself!

Van Morrison is such a grump-face, I imagine he has removed all the videos of him from youtube but was able to find this version.

And tonight we were able to listen to the concert given by my dear friend last friday with the marvel of technological time travel. Hurrah for BBC radio iplayers what- nots.
Whilst the music glimmered through the air ,I was looking at wallpaper porn. Something with birds or trees,two of my favourite things.. There is much to drool over.

from here, and here,

from nina campbell

and here..

I love the overlaid ghostly silhouettes in that last one. Very apt for our house in the trees.


agirl said...

I can't wait till I have my own walls to put wallpaper on. I fear things might get a little crazy. The Boy will have to do some serious reining in...
That last one is particularly magical.

Flora said...

I know what you mean, there is SO much good stuff out there. Think we're going for the last one. We've found it comes in a creamy/pale gold too- perfect!