Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow time..

Hurrah! We had snow, amazing magical wondrous snow that transformed everything into a world of pure white joy and excitement. It started last night,we'd had a freezing cold walk with pals and pooches,waved them off and then the next thing we looked out the window and there was a blanket covering the cars and road. I couldn't sleep, it felt like the night before christmas and at two in the morning I was leaning out the window trying to capture the velvety snow falling throught the incredible light. Today was just so much fun, the park was packed with all ages and sizes, chucking snowballs, making snowman,sledging with all manner of makeshift sledges- estate agent boards, plastic crates,lids, inflatable lilos and even a dhingy. It all looked so much fun. Everyone was beaming and rosy cheeked and so so friendly. Never before have I been in the local supermarket and so many people have smiled or said hello!

View from the back window

Then we saw our friends,future citizens of Oz, they had set off for work over an hour ago but no joy... or rather lots of it! I love how London grinds to a halt the minute the snowflakes start falling!

And then getting home and back to bed for a mid morning nap, the world muffled by snow. Bliss.. didn't last long though before I was dragging the Shoe out into the magical world once again!


agirl said...

Wasn't it just the most beautiful day?

Flora said...