Wednesday, 11 February 2009

No Hallmark here..

Goodness, there's some tat about in the name of Valentine's cards.

The Shoe and I thankfully can avoid being too cheese-tastic as we celebrate the day before,known as Valentine's eve in our house, because that's when we first set eyes on each other in a crowded bar. Story to come later! But it's still an excuse to look for cards..

We have an owl thing going,which came from a card I sent him when I was away with two owls saying 'I only have owls for you' *groan*

But these are too cute.. Get ready for more owl puns I'm afraid.

found here

from here

From here

And I love this owl made with vintage fabric. I recognise it because we had a duvet with this pattern when I was young and I was most excited when I found some curtains in the same print in a charity shop last summer!

From not on the high street.

And I love this, although it's not quite true.. not unless he sent it to me.. oops


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