Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Need more snow...

All the snow is turning to mush,the park looks rather tired and worn out as if suffering from post party exhaustion. It is just like when you come downstairs after a big party and the emptiness seems exaggerated and overwhelming after all the noise and atmosphere.
The snow's been worn away from the prime sliding spots leaving trails of sludgy mud and there are discarded makeshift sledges scattered around- some estate agent signs(best use for them!) the plastic crates,shattered and jagged,even a deflated mustard yellow lilo lies forlorn and crumpled. Huge boulders of snow and half collapsed snowmen resemble prehistoric standing stones like those at Avebury or Carnac and are dotted over the field, even a couple have rolled into trees. A monument to the day of snow. They won't last forever but all the memories will. As I walked past the red brick Victorian school,I imagined all the children writing stories and drawing pictures of the wonderful day of snow.
It's meant to snow again tomorrow,fingers crossed.

Here are some more pictures from our other park,we are so lucky that we live in a borough that has so much green space.

Snow duck!

One of the best things about snow day was the immense sense of calm and quiet. No hum of traffic or wail of sirens, no aeroplanes or the usual city thrum. Bliss.

On the way back we saw this; Introducing.. Snowy P! Cutest sign around his neck with a plea- 'Don't hurt me'!!!

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