Monday, 16 February 2009

Looking back..

Spent today with wonderful granny sorting through piles and piles of old photos.

Ancient Polaroid of little sister- ceeyoote

Faded snaps of happy times and family closeness, embarrassing haircuts, tufty facial hair and cheesy grins. Sweet memories that make you warm,reminders of how cute/beautiful/ uninhibited we were. Although the pain when looking at pictures of my brother is numbed over.It has to be.
But here are captured moments of pleasure, my grandparents in their wonderful dated kitchen, a retro heaven of mustard and brown. Pomps in his same old dressing gown, hair combed over but with an early morning ruffle, jar of marmalade on the table, Granny by the fridge getting out,what I wonder? milk,marge? A grin on her face as she turns round and the moment is frozen. Or a moment on a bouncy castle,saggy socks and rosy cheeks, standing up only to fall again-ebullient with joy. And another, a water fight in Granny's garden,drenched and screaming, cartwheel in the soggy grass.

I took my own little pile home to keep and treasure. Including one picture which the resemblance between grandmother and grandaughter is so, so clear.

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