Monday, 23 February 2009

girl needs cardies..

Wouldn't that be gorgeous over a swishy fifties wedding dress?

Stumbled across these beeyootiful shrugs and boleros from etsy shop The English Dept via thoughtfulday, and it set me off a-wishing for vintage cardigans all heavy with beads and sequins, in candy shades. A bit of ebay hunting was in order.

Pop on your petticoats and jive away into the night.

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Bid here

ah well,have to keep 'wishin and hopin' till one can be mine...


the letters i wish i'd written said...

Pauline Fowler eat your heart out, so divine!

Flora said...

Haha!! Pauline Fowler becomes a style icon, who'd a thunk it!

Thanks again for your comment!

Flora said...

Aah, did you hear the sad news? Wendy Richards has gone to wear her great cardies in the sky. Bless her and her knitted two pieces.