Wednesday, 25 February 2009

confession time..

I have a crush on our vet... A BIG crush..and it's just been reignited.

I can't help it,it's just that he makes my tum tum flip and it does quivery things to my knees.Wearing that pale green apron/shirt that brings out his deep.. dark.. chocolatey.. velvet eyes. And saving all dose pawr puppies and kitties' lives. What a guy.

Does it count as really bad? Ummmm, I did know him before I met The Shoe and I had almost forgotten him because I haven't needed to visit for a while, not since our last dog (poochie mama)passed away, which was when I first succumbed to Sexy Vet's charms. Although I do always look longingly through the window when I drive past to try and catch a glimpse! But as we have taken over the care of my dad's dogs now,poochie one and poochie two, and as poochie one is diabetic, I've been ordering his medicine from them.
So far I have only dealt with a range of rather weird nurses but yesterday I called up and HE answered the phone and whilst asking me what size needle I needed,I suddenly started choking and spluttering,I couldn't speak thus sounding like a complete idiot. So awful..You see, I am even resorting to teenage state because of this crush!
I called in today to pick up the doggy insulin and when the nurse went to fetch it, out came Sexy Vet. He put down the small box and as I reached to pick it up from the counter, our hands brushed! My heart did cartwheels as he called me 'Miss Flora'sSingleName' and then he disappeared back from whence he came- probably saving the life of a helpless bunny... Aaaaaahhh, dreamy.

I came back from walking the pooches and immediately set about beautifying diabetic pooch. Not just because he really was one 'doirty dawg' but just in case we need to make an emergency trip, he needs to look his best! I don't want him embarrassing me in front of Sexy Vet. Not that I would ever exploit his poorly state to score some time with the crush!!

Also it's an excuse to post some pictures of cuteness..

He hates being a soggy doggy.. despite me singing along to this, one of my absolute favourite tunes that came on the radio just as I washed and scrubbed. As is usual with dog washing, the wash-er gets just as wet as the wash-ee.
But didn't he turn out well? Like he just stepped out of the salo-oo-oo-on.

'No more hair-drying!'

Sporting the Boris Johnson look.

Till next time, my vetinary love...


agirl said...

Oh this made me laugh! :)

I think everyone is allowed their secret crush really, and your vet sounds particularly dreamy.

Love the new blog look by the way! So full of the joys of spring!

Flora said...

Thanks M- fortunately hubs sees the funny side too.. We were playing scrabble last night and he said this one's for you as he spelled out v.e.t!

It was about time I got the blog a bit better in order, and sweetpeas are my signature flower!
Thanks for reading

the letters i wish i'd written said...

I have an all consuming passion for my dentist, it's really unfortunate, I'm contemplating taking pliers to my teeth...

Flora said...

Oh no don't do that, no dentist is worth it! And think of the costs.. even if you are with a rare NHS dentist! I once had a dentist with the stinkiest breath. Not a good sign!