Saturday, 21 February 2009

As predicted..

in my last post, today really did feel as though spring had arrived.
A meltingly mild day,bright blue skies and the hordes were out in Kenwood park.People watching a plenty. The sweeping lawn was packed, it looked like a painting by Lowry.
And then the Wicked Stepmother announced she was going to a garden centre. And never being one to turn down a trip to gawp at plants I hopped along for the ride. And to try to not come home laden with goodies..
Now, I grew up in this particular part of North Londinium and thought I knew where most things were..however when the WSM said garden centre, I had no idea that she would take me to the Narnia of garden centres. Off the crowded high street we turned and suddenly we were on a country track going behind the brick houses and derelict garages and there high above the london roof tops was a hidden haven for gardeners. A secret place tucked away on the slope of Highgate Hill. London is so incredible,chock full of secret places; I adore discovering them.

The view over the city was fab and I was amazed that this land hadn't been snapped up by evil property developers. I'm sure it would be worth a small fortune. Hurrah for good spirited garden people, seeing that peonies and primroses are more important than profit.

(apologies for my rubbish pictures,was a camera dufus today)

We were on the hunt for vegetable seeds, WSM had come over all Good Life and wanted to plant potatoes and carrots and beans.But unfortunately she was rather a novice,cue much reading of seed packs and furrowed brows as we tried to find the most productive veg for the least effort required. She was rather bamboozled by propagation and thinning out.. I felt quite the expert as I passed on my very basic knowledge. I giggled as she was thrown into panic stations whimpering 'how hard can a carrot be?' Very hard.. we discovered.

I came away with seed packets for foxgloves and columbines. Two of my favourite flowers. My last but one garden was filled with these cottage garden flowers. I was very good and resisted lots of things, we need to get some order on our garden first. But a trip to the flower market might be in order tomorrow. If I can persuade the Shoe.

I saw these and Wicked Stepmother couldn't help a bit of role-playing..

Things I was good at resisting-

Sweetpeas,my favourite summer flower.

And dahlia bulbs, favourite autumn bloom..

Amazing hellebores, so good for brightening up the winter months. I read an article today that said up until 1975 they were considered a weed!

Sweet primroses..

Dear oh dear it was all too much for WSM.... fancy a duck?


agirl said...

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, wasn't it? So full of promise for wonderful warm sunny days ahead. Yum yum.

I learnt about hellebores for the first time from a birthday card one of my new granmas-in-law sent this week. It was a pretty lot of hellebores painted by a local artist, and all the history of the flower explained for me. She's such a doll. As are you for posting about them immediately after :)

Flora said...

Oh that sounds lovely to have a birthday card with flowers that bloom on your birthday date. I love how Granmas do that kind of thing!

I adore hellebores so much, great for planting in windowboxes cos then you can seee their pretty blooms which normally are hidden away close to the ground.

Thanks for reading and posting!