Friday, 2 January 2009

Thoughts on a new year...

So a new year, yes another one, they just keep on coming don't they?
A rather mixed day twas new year's eve; I felt rather sad that 2008 was ending-the year we got married and that I'd been the happiest for a long long time,if ever.Not being terrific with change it cast me into the doldrums a wee while due to the fact that it was all drifting away into the mists of time..It sounds ridiculous but I have been wondering if I will ever feel that pure excitement and stupid daft happiness like I did that week and on that wondrous day. People say that it is the 'happiest day of your lives' but it must be super pants if that really is it?!! Surely there will be more days of grey turning into glorious sun
I would lurve 2009 to be full of creating,singing, dancing and inspiration.There are many things I want to do,adventures to be had and finding that feeling of pride that has eluded me.I hope to encourage the Shoe's dreams,hold his hand as he holds mine and for the both of us to 'do' rather than 'think'. And realising that it is possible to be that joyous girl a lot more of the time.

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