Sunday, 4 January 2009

And finally...

Almost 6 months after our wedding we finally sat down last night to watch our dvd. A combination of our slackness and inability to decide which tracks we wanted to soundtrack the footage with, meant that the proof only arrived just before christmas. And it took the Shoe many nights of saying shall we watch it and me making excuses because, when it came to it I was terrified! Terrified that what I remember as being an amazing and glorious day looked ridiculous and all those stupid negative things that plagued me in the few days after(ok few weeks/months/ sometimes now) would come back. But thank the heavens it has turned out pretty darn sweet. I had goosebumps as it opened with the crackly footage of the town sign and it was fantastic to see so many happy, funny shots of all our friends and family.The Shoe said he got a bit teary as the music we used for my entrance began.
We used a company called Reel Sixty that specialise in cine film style videos.We had issues finding a videogapher that wasn't mired in cheese and cornball-ness and when I stumbled across this company we felt it could capture the garden party perfectly. My family is lucky enough to have this amazing footage of my grandparents wedding from 1939 on colour cinefilm,a very small wedding in South Africa. My grandparents looks so dapper;granny in a periwinkle blue two piece and Pomps wearing his trilby style hat that would become his trademark for all the years ahead. And this was really the inspiration for using cine film.I also had this fantasy that it would look like the opening shots of The Wonder Years where they are all out in the street playing baseball and waving madly.I hoped it would evoke summers of joyfulness and playfulness as if watching a wedding from a byegone time.And you know what,it captures the heart-busting happiness perfectly!

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