Saturday, 31 January 2009


Oooo Pretty Pretty!
This dress makes me so happy, it looks like a dress that Titania would wear in a Midsummer's Night's Dream. Spun from gossamer thread and covered with flowers. And made by fairies. Otherwise known as Dolce and Gabanna.

Of course, I am a sucker for a dress covered in flowers as my own wedding dress was a flowery wonder.

Although I would have been happy with this one too...

Thanks Mr Oscar de la Renta.

Although added flowers don't always work. See this unfortunate frock which looks like it's been attacked with cotton wool balls.

Friday, 30 January 2009

That's more like it...

Never mind all the 'Keep Calm and Carry on' that is just EveRYwheRe...
This is much more my style....
Procrastinate Now and Panic Later!!

Love it! I should have that tattooed on my forehead!

Designed by Little brown pen, have a look at the great spoof calenders in her etsy shop. Each month has it's own motto,April is 'Jump puddles and curse frizzy hair' and my favourite (and birth month!) December is 'Say Thanks and exchange for jewelry!' Ain't that the truth..

(via snippet and ink and creature comforts)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Sad,sad day..

Oh dear,where to start? perhaps with this beautiful song-

So the guitar of John Martyn has been set down to rest and the world is without doubt a greyer place.But the genius of his songs will stay forever with us and the magic of his plaintive voice,mournful, full of sweet rawness and an ache that gets right through to your soul will continue to colour my days. His music and his words have had a huge impact on my life, even as I write the letters are blurring on the screen as I listen to this song.
Without doubt he has been with me through dark days and bright days. I introduced my brother to his songs and he devoured them as I knew he would,so John is always associated with him and the absence of him.
In our wedding ceremony we had May you Never performed by our hugely talented guitarist. He learned it especially for us and hearing the words and the melody drift through the breezy garden whilst holding fast the hand of my new husband,well, it was a moment I will never forget. We wanted to hear this song as it encapsulated many things we felt for each other and also to feel as though my brother's presence was there too, as if he was in the back row listening and nodding his head.It seemed full of blessings from him.
I love this live version, from probably a year after we saw him.

The Shoe and I saw him play live very soon after we first met,I had bought the tickets before I had even met future husband and turned out the gig was on his birthday-perfect.
He hadn't heard that much of John's music so I bought him a copy of Solid Air and he was hooked. The gig was one of the best we have been to together, he came on like a huge pagan druid with an enormous stick that towered over him as he staggered to his seat. The songs were superb and in between his dry wit contrasted with the melancholic songs. I am so grateful that we had a chance to see him.
There are just too many beautiful songs to post or link to, Bless the Weather, Over the Hill, Solid Air,Sunshine's better. Danny Baker,radio god,devoted his entire two hour show to his songs. It was a wonderful tribute.

The lyrics from this song say it all.

Couldn't Love You More

If you kissed the sun right out of the sky for me
If you told me all the lies I might deserve
If you lay all night in the rain for me
Well, I couldn't love you more
Just couldn't love you more
I couldn't love you more.

If you loved me 'til my eyes got no more shine for you
If you walked beside me all the long way home
If you wasted all of your time on me
Well, I couldn't love you more
Just couldn't love you more
I couldn't love you more
Just couldn't love you more.

If you gave me all the things I'd never ask of you
If you showed me all the ways you have to cry
If you lay all night in the rain for me
I couldn't love you more
Just couldn't love you more
Just couldn't love you more

Thanks for everything x

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Oh Mandy...

Thrilling stuff. My musical buddy booked tickets for us to go and worship at the shrine of a certain 'Broadway Legend'....
Mr Mandy Patinkin! Oo what a treat. Just him and a piano for two hours with no interval.And lots and lots of show songs.
I first witnessed the magic of Mandy in the fantastical film 'The Princess Bride'.The man uttered the immortal lines 'My name is Inigo Monteya.You killed my father.Prepare to die' over and over as he chased the evil Duke around the castle. But then it wasn't till many years later, I can remember it very clearly,that I heard him sing what is still one of my favourite songs. I was driving through night time London and heard this song on the radio and it was so moving and full of intensity.
I used to sing it to The Shoe but couldn't remember the words properly so would make up my own 'something bout a hat' or 'I'm singing bout a hat'. And he would mimic me and make me laugh.

It's taken from Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George, his musical about the artist George Seurat and this painting. The song describes the artist's obsession with creating and that feeling of being removed from reality whilst all that surrounds you is your art-
Finishing the hat,
How you have to finish the hat.
How you watch the rest of the world
From a window
While you finish the hat.

The evening was fab. Musical buddy warned me there had been mixed reviews but for us two obsessives, it was glorious. We giggled lots at various things namely the rather batty biddy wearing a marvellously dark brown wig who exclaimed loudly'Daddy used to sing this' as Mandy struck up with 'Buddy can you spare a dime?' and then proceeded to pass round cherries to her companion! We also did lots of silent singing along and in- our-seats jazz hands. It was that kind of show.
He sang lots of Sondheim, some Judy Garland numbers and the most beautiful song from Les Miserables I'd forgotten what a great song it was, he dedicated 'Bring him home' as a prayer for peace in the Middle East and I think a tear crept down his cheek.
(excuse that version which is bit cheesy,not a patch on mandy)

I'm going to go see him again this weekend.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Breathe them in...

I have an overwhelming urge to fill the house with hyacinths,the rich scent bringing hopes of spring. White and pink ones smell the best,it's true. Mmmm.. we need to invent a scratch and sniff 'puter screen.

If only the Shoe could receive a psychic message from me and buy me some on his way home! Maybe if I close my eyes and concentrate really really hard...

Click here, here and here for pics.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Silvertown day..

Over the weekend we took a trip across the river to visit the house in Silvertown before new tenants move in. It's such an interesting part of London, on the river to the east. It's the one place that is still finding it's identity after shifting from industrial factories and docks to at present that great combination of abandoned wasteland and luxury apartments!
I also have been reading a fascinating book about the area called Silvertown by Melanie Mcgrath.Lovely review here Written about her grandmother Jenny, it tells the tale of Jenny's parents ekeing out an existence at the start of the century,a huge family crammed into two rooms and as she grows up, the area changes as well, from being the shipbuilding heartland and then as huge monster-like factories spring up employing thousands and thousands of people.It is one of those sad but inspiring stories full of hardship and poverty but yet strength and ability to endure.One where you realise how life has changed for the most part beyond imagining. The chapters set during the Second World War are heartbreaking as the devastation wrecked on the East End of London was phenomenal.And her children evacuated for years. I guess I never realised that children were away for the duration of the war.
It was so interesting to read about an area we have lived in and remember what a different place it once was. Now you can hardly recognize it from the book. I kept having to ask the Shoe where was Pontoon's Wharf and Tobacco Dock. What were once thriving places of industry are now just stations on the Docklands Light Railway.

I saw it through new eyes as we took a walk around the docks and the beautiful Thames Barrier Park. An oasis amidst the rundown factories.
It was a stunning day,crisp cold and the waters of the dock still as a mirror in the fading light.The reminders of those industrial days still remain; Millenium Mill a huge monolithic building towers over the wasteland and the Tate and Lyle factory still pumps away-sending out wafts of Golden Syrup scent into the air.The houses lie in the shadow of the huge factory.

The Tate and Lyle sugar factory.

Millenium Mills from Thames Barrier park.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

And finally...

Almost 6 months after our wedding we finally sat down last night to watch our dvd. A combination of our slackness and inability to decide which tracks we wanted to soundtrack the footage with, meant that the proof only arrived just before christmas. And it took the Shoe many nights of saying shall we watch it and me making excuses because, when it came to it I was terrified! Terrified that what I remember as being an amazing and glorious day looked ridiculous and all those stupid negative things that plagued me in the few days after(ok few weeks/months/ sometimes now) would come back. But thank the heavens it has turned out pretty darn sweet. I had goosebumps as it opened with the crackly footage of the town sign and it was fantastic to see so many happy, funny shots of all our friends and family.The Shoe said he got a bit teary as the music we used for my entrance began.
We used a company called Reel Sixty that specialise in cine film style videos.We had issues finding a videogapher that wasn't mired in cheese and cornball-ness and when I stumbled across this company we felt it could capture the garden party perfectly. My family is lucky enough to have this amazing footage of my grandparents wedding from 1939 on colour cinefilm,a very small wedding in South Africa. My grandparents looks so dapper;granny in a periwinkle blue two piece and Pomps wearing his trilby style hat that would become his trademark for all the years ahead. And this was really the inspiration for using cine film.I also had this fantasy that it would look like the opening shots of The Wonder Years where they are all out in the street playing baseball and waving madly.I hoped it would evoke summers of joyfulness and playfulness as if watching a wedding from a byegone time.And you know what,it captures the heart-busting happiness perfectly!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Thoughts on a new year...

So a new year, yes another one, they just keep on coming don't they?
A rather mixed day twas new year's eve; I felt rather sad that 2008 was ending-the year we got married and that I'd been the happiest for a long long time,if ever.Not being terrific with change it cast me into the doldrums a wee while due to the fact that it was all drifting away into the mists of time..It sounds ridiculous but I have been wondering if I will ever feel that pure excitement and stupid daft happiness like I did that week and on that wondrous day. People say that it is the 'happiest day of your lives' but it must be super pants if that really is it?!! Surely there will be more days of grey turning into glorious sun
I would lurve 2009 to be full of creating,singing, dancing and inspiration.There are many things I want to do,adventures to be had and finding that feeling of pride that has eluded me.I hope to encourage the Shoe's dreams,hold his hand as he holds mine and for the both of us to 'do' rather than 'think'. And realising that it is possible to be that joyous girl a lot more of the time.