Saturday, 27 December 2008

A winter's morning...

So I have crept down to tap away and in a weird invert of the Night Before Christmas poem, all through the house everyone is still sleeping. I love these few days between Christmas and New Year as it really does feel like the world stays snoozing on the sofa after the excess of christmas food. London loses it's hectic pace(well, if you stay away from sales madness) and the roads are so quiet, it feels like 1953.
There was a clear blue sky this morning and the whole park was covered in a silvery frost,like a secret world that no-one had noticed yet. I immediately covered our tiny patch of garden with birdseed and refilled the feeders and have been looking out at the usual bird gang,feathers puffed up from the cold and the determined squirrels that blatantly scoff from the feeders hanging upside down from the branch. Oh well,I'll chase them off in a while.There have been wonderful plays on the radio; Northern Lights, Little Women and Peter Pan have all entertained me as I huddle wrapped up with socks and scarves.
Soon everyone will wake and the calm will disperse as the day begins.. here he comes

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