Sunday, 14 December 2008

Reasons to be cheerful- Part 1


Infinitely beautiful from the simplest daisy to the sweetest scented sweetpea.Even their names sound like poetry;lilac,mimosa,honeysuckle,anenome. 'Of infinite variety' and each one improves the day.Echoing the passing of time as each season is reflected in a new flower or colour.
I loved picking flowers straight from my granny's garden. On childhood holidays we would gather wildflowers from the downs and I would press them at first between book and then in wooden flower presses tightening down the screws with each day.I would collect them in scrapbooks.Carefully noting down the names. How very Enid Blyton that sounds! But between that and the wonderful flower fairy books of Cicely Mary Barker the seeds of my obsession were sown. I would gaze for hours at the charming illustrations and the clever way the fairys' outfits would be made out of leaves or petals. I would always decide which one I would be that day.

As it's december my windowboxes are bulging with cyclamen, little bowed heads blowing in a frosty breeze. I must have bought good ones because they have a delicate scent and I even saw a bee buzzing round them. A winter bee making Catford honey I hope..

We bought glorious long stems of Mimosa from the market, a wonderful blossom with tiny yellow pom poms to lift your spirits on a grey day.

There are wonderful flowery blogs but the tops is Saipua. I was transfixed when I first discovered it, such a wonderful textural and nature inspired arrangements. Wondrousness.Oh dreams of being a florist and owning a shop stuffed to the rafters with blooms and blossom. Sigh..

(pics all by me)

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