Sunday, 14 December 2008

Caterpillar: Who are you?

In the words of the caterpillar demanding an explanation of Alice as she peered over the mushroom maybe I ought to say a wee bit about who I am and what the deal is.

I am a freshly married girl living in the big city in a small island who has discovered a wonderful world of beautiful things-words,music,flowers and ideas mainly through planning our wedding. Through this I realised how unhappy I had been in so many aspects of my life and found that my imagination had been resting away for too long. Hasten to add that the wedding and realtionship with The Shoe was not making me unhappy! I always realised that one way I had of keeping sane and as Ann Miller sang as she tapped herself into a whirling dervish 'Chasing the blues away' was to take pleasure in swoonsome music and soulful words, have adventures in our smoky city and green and pleasant land.So this will be a record of things that make me happy, a few of my favourite things. Goodness I really must stop talking in Musicals. But above all stuff that brings light to my days and a twinkle to my eyes.. I'm still trying to find my footing again after my world falling apart, I may tell the story of that and then meeting The Shoe which did make the sun return.
We had a wonderful wedding in July, that was unique,personal and rather bohemian! I shall definitely be recounting the tale of that magnicifent day.

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