Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The roses...

But the best bit about the fair was that two of the most wonderful suppliers of roses were there. Heaven! The Real Flower company grow beautiful garden roses with names like Just Joey, Margaret Merril, Deep Secret, all names I remember learning from my grandmother's garden. They had fabulously loose and blousy arrangements.The petals so silky soft and the flower heads with just the right wildness as if freshly picked from a clambering rambler in a secret garden.
Of course they were the flowers used in the beautiful bouquet on peoniesandpoloroids wedding day.All translucent pinks tied with silk.

I had hoped that these would be the roses I would have for our wedding but unfortunately the combination of rotten English weather and one of the country's largest flower shows being held the same weekend meant that there wasn't enough roses for little ol'me. I was heartbroken.... until our friend, Superflorist, who was in charge of ordering all our flowers told me that she had ordered replacements from David Austen.

I was sitting on a crowded rush hour train just four days before the wedding as she told me this news and I couldn't help yelping and doing a chair shuffle for joy as SF told me I would have to 'make do' with these stunning roses. And as I rushed over to the stand on saturday, I garbled to the assistant- 'these were my wedding roses' before burying my face in their frilly petals and drinking in the scent.It instantly took me back to the sunny day when I first saw them, waiting to be adored, in a grey plastic bucket, their heads wrapped up in tiny cardboard bonnets to protect the delicateness. I felt the rush of excitement again,I remembered breathing in the soft lemony scent of my wedding bouquet and my heart swelled with happiness. As we finally made our way out of the fair,I couldn't resist buying a bouquet of the white Patience roses to take home. The scent is drifting through the room like nectar and I'm drinking it in. It is the strongest reminder of our incredible wedding day I've had for many months.

Bliss is surely a rose's perfume.

(wedding pic by fwphotography, roses by David Austen)


Peonies and Polaroids said...

Oh how beautiful, I can almost smell them from here.

Is that you in that last photo? What an incredibly gorgeous dress!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

And Fiona Weiling is one of my favourite uk wedding photographers, she's amazing.

Flora said...

Yes, that's me!
And Fjona was our photographer- she was beyond brilliant. So talented, each picture she takes is like a work of art.We were so happy with how brilliantly she captured our day, will be posting more pictures along the way.
Thanks for reading!