Friday, 7 November 2008

feels like home...

At home, a red velvet throw over my curled up legs, a flat out pooch by my side. Randy Newman's on the telly singing 'Feels like home' and tears are in my eyes.

This makes my ever growing list of songs I wish we could have danced to or had in our ceremony. If I'd had my way, our wedding ceremony would have lasted for hours with all the poems and songs to illustrate our feelings.
I heard this song the night I met The Shoe. After our amazing encounter we said our goodbyes and I headed home to my little terraced house that was my haven.I awoke in the night,sleeping the light sleep of a boozed-up gal and this was playing on the radio.. As I listened to it's melody and the lyrics drifted over me- in that timeless middle of the night state I didn't realise quite how prophetic the song was and how my life would change.

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