Wednesday, 5 November 2008

one day,maybe...

Having been rather scathing about voter apathy over here,there are things to be thankful for. Before entering into the blog world, I had no idea about prop8 ,it has had no coverage in the media in the UK. But I have no doubt that we would never see the reaction to same sex marriage that resulted with the passing of the ban in California,Arkansas and Florida. The clunky sounding Civil Partnerships have been readily accepted into everyday life and wedding jargon and because of work I have played at many ceremonies and attended weddings of my friends. And thank Judy for it.
It is so infuriating that some couples are able to openly celebrate their relationship and 'the state' has the audacity to snub others.It is a disgrace.When I heard the result,I felt so guilty at having had the privilege to marry my chosen partner when so many cannot. Amidst all the election joy,the irony of celebrating one amazing achievement for civil liberties whilst this travesty occurred on the same day bought a cloud to the clear blue skies. It will change I am sure,but unfortunately it is going in small steps.
The gay weddings I have been part of have been amongst the most moving ceremonies because they have a value beyond that of other ceremonies. Of course all weddings are glorious events but there is just an indefinable extra something...A final acceptance and public confirmation of their relationship.

My two friends had this read out at their ceremony last year. It was perfect.
The song lyric by Cole Porter 'I am Loved'

Yesterday was a dull day,
Yesterday was a grey day,
But,oh,today,today is a gay day
You ask me darling,why?
And I answer,
I am loved,I am loved,
By the one I love in every way,
I am loved,absolutely loved,
What a wonderful thing to be able to say.

I am adored, I am adored,
By the one who first led my heart astray,
I am adored,absolutely adored,
What a wonderful thing to be able to say.

So ring out the bells and let the trumpets blow
And beat on the drums for now I know
I know I am loved ,I am loved,
What a wonderful thing,what a glorious thing
What a beautiful thing to be able to say
I am loved.


Peonies and Polaroids said...

I love your blog and this was a really moving post. I love the lyrics as a wedding reading, beautiful. Isn't the UK wonderful in this respect? I'm so very proud of us when I read about prop 8.

Flora said...

Thank you so much Peonies. I do agree,there are a number of things that make me grumpy about this place but in that respect we have something to feel proud of.
The reading was so fab for my friends' wedding, they had an actor friend read it in the style of Noel Coward- everyone glowed with joy!